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Title: Identification of protein-coding regions in DNA sequences using a time-frequency filtering approach
Authors: Sahu S.S.
Panda G.
Keywords: 3-base periodicity
Protein-coding region
Time-frequency filtering
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: 27
Abstract: Accurate identification of protein-coding regions (exons) in DNA sequences has been a challenging task in bioinformatics. Particularly the coding regions have a 3-base periodicity, which forms the basis of all exon identification methods. Many signal processing tools and techniques have been applied successfully for the identification task but still improvement in this direction is needed. In this paper, we have introduced a new promising model-independent time-frequency filtering technique based on S-transform for accurate identification of the coding regions. The S-transform is a powerful linear time-frequency representation useful for filtering in time-frequency domain. The potential of the proposed technique has been assessed through simulation study and the results obtained have been compared with the existing methods using standard datasets. The comparative study demonstrates that the proposed method outperforms its counterparts in identifying the coding regions. � 2011 Beijing Genomics Institute.
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