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Title: Enhanced field emission performance of NiMoO 4 nanosheets by tuning the phase
Authors: Bankar P.K.
Ratha S.
More M.A.
Late D.J.
Rout C.S.
Keywords: Current stability
Field emission
NiMoO 4
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: 5
Abstract: In this paper we report, large scale synthesis of ? and ?-NiMoO 4 by a facile hydrothermal method and we observed that urea plays important role on the growth of ?-NiMoO 4 nanosheets. We have also carried out field emission (FE) investigations of ? and ?-NiMoO 4 at a base pressure of ?1�נ10 ?8 �mbar. The obtained turn-on field at emission current density of 1�?A/cm 2 for ?-NiMoO 4 nanosheets and ? ?NiMoO 4 is 1.3�V/?m and 2.2�V/?m respectively were observed. The maximum field emission current density of 1.006�mA/cm 2 at an applied electric field of 2.7�V/?m was achieved for ?-NiMoO 4 nanosheets. Furthermore, we found that the ?-NiMoO 4 nanosheets possess good field emission performance compared to ?-NiMoO 4 . The results indicate that NiMoO 4 can be used as a promising material in FE applications with possibility of tuning field emission performance by controlling the phase. � 2017 Elsevier B.V.
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