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Title: Integration of Role Based Access Control with Homomorphic Cryptosystem for Secure and Controlled Access of Data in Cloud
Authors: Sethi K.
Bera P.
Chopra A.
Tripathy B.K.
Keywords: Cloud
Homomorphic encryption
Outsorced computation
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Recent advances in cloud technology facilitates data owners having limited resources to outsource their data and computations to remote servers in Cloud. To protect against unauthorized information access, sensitive data are encrypted before outsourcing. However, traditional cryptosystems need decrypting ciphertext for outsourced computations that may violate data security as well may introduce higher computational complexity. Homomorphic encryption is a solution that allows performing computations directly on ciphertext. On the otherhand, it is evident that the computations on data may vary from users to users depending on the requirements. So, it is not always feasible to allow all computations to different users on the whole ciphertext stored in cloud. In this paper, we proposed a framework for integration of role based access control (RBAC) mechanism with homomorphic cryptosystem for secure and controlled access of data in cloud. Our proposed framework is developed based on trust and role hierarchy with multi-granular operational access rights to heterogeneous stakeholders or users. 2017 Association for Computing Machinery.
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