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Title: A comparative study of ductile-brittle transition behavior and fractography of P91 and P92 steel
Authors: Saini N.
Pandey C.
Mahapatra M.M.
Narang H.K.
Mulik R.S.
Kumar P.
Keywords: Charpy toughness
P91 steel
P92 steel
Quasi-cleavage facets
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: 11
Abstract: The modified 9Cr-1Mo (P91) and 9Cr- 0.5Mo- 1.8W (P92) steel used in fast breeder reactor is exposed to irradiation during service which severely affects the dynamic fracture resistance by increasing the ductile to brittle transition temperature (DBTT). Thus, even at room temperature, the steel can become brittle and prone to cracking. In the present investigation, to elucidate the influence of low temperature on the DBTT, Charpy toughness test was performed on creep strength enhanced ferritic P91 and P92 steel. Lower DBTT was observed for the P92 steel as compared to P91 steel. To find the mode of fracture, the fractured Charpy toughness specimens were investigated using a field electron scanning electron microscope (FESEM). The fracture surface revealed the brittle mode of fracture at a lower temperature for both the steels while the mixed mode of fracture was noticed at room temperature and above. � 2017 Elsevier Ltd
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