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Title: Computer-vision-guided human pulse rate estimation: A review
Authors: Sikdar A.
Behera S.K.
Dogra D.P.
Keywords: Color-based analysis
face tracking
linear decomposition
motion-based analysis
noninvasive method
nonlinear decomposition
pulse rate (PR) estimation
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: 25
Abstract: Human pulse rate (PR) can be estimated in several ways, including measurement instruments that directly count the PR through contact- and noncontact-based approaches. Over the last decade, computer-vision-assisted noncontact-based PR estimation has evolved significantly. Such techniques can be adopted for clinical purposes to mitigate some of the limitations of contact-based techniques. However, existing vision-guided noncontact-based techniques have not been benchmarked with respect to a challenging dataset. In view of this, we present a systematic review of such techniques implemented over a uniform computing platform. We have simultaneously recorded the PR and video of 14 volunteers. Five sets of data have been recorded for every volunteer using five different experimental conditions by varying the distance from the camera and illumination condition. Pros and cons of the existing noncontact image- and video-based PR techniques have been discussed with respect to our dataset. Experimental evaluation suggests that image- or video-based PR estimation can be highly effective for nonclinical purposes, and some of these approaches are very promising toward developing clinical applications. The present review is the first in this field of contactless vision-guided PR estimation research. � 2008-2011 IEEE.
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