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Title: Rejuvenating aged bitumen with composite castor oil
Authors: Nayak P.
Sahoo U.C.
Keywords: Bitumen
Castor oil
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Being an emerging technique "Pavement Recycling" has been gaining its popularity in developed countries for many years. Recycling agents, commonly known as "rejuvenators" are generally added to the RAP mixtures for restoring the original properties of the binder. Many researchers have taken up studies on the use of various naturally occurring as well as commercially available products as rejuvenators in pavement recycling and have come up with promising results. In the present study, a composite rejuvenator (composite castor oil) prepared with castor oil and coke oven gas condensate (a byproduct from steel making industry) was used as a rejuvenator. This paper presents the results of the rheological, chemical and thermal investigations carried out a virgin, aged, and rejuvenated binder specimens. Results of the study indicate that the composite castor oil is a potential rejuvenator for asphalt pavement recycling. However, a performance study of the mixture (rejuvenated with composite castor oil) is recommended to confirm the findings. As the ingredients used in the composite castor oil are economically available, this will play a major role in sustainable road infrastructure development. � Copyright 2016 by Mairepav8 2016 Organizers.
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