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Title: Channel Bragg-plasmon coupled waveguide
Authors: Das R.
Jha R.
Srivastava T.
Keywords: Bragg reflection
Channel waveguide
Surface plasmon
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: We present a detailed analysis and recipe for designing a channel Bragg-plasmon coupled waveguide where the intermodal coupling between a band gap-guided mode and surface plasmon mode substantially modifies the phase velocity dispersion slope of supermodel. This leads to appreciably large group-velocity-dispersion with peak value of ? 4.33�104 ps/km-nm close to the optical communication band as well as interaction bandwidth of about 765 pm for 1 cm long waveguide. We also found that bandgap guided Bragg modes exhibit stronger dispersive features than the plasmon modes around ? 1.50 ?m which is exactly opposite to what is usually observed in visible region. The impact of waveguide parameters such as channel width etc. on mode-coupling mechanism is also studied with significant emphasis on the propagation loss suffered by the supermodes of the structure. � 2011 SPIE.
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