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Title: Mitigation of Power Quality Problems in Grid-Interactive Distributed Generation System
Authors: Bhende C.N.
Kalam A.
Malla S.G.
Keywords: Distributed generation
non-linear and unbalanced load compensation and reactive power compensation
power quality conditioner
voltage variations
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: 5
Abstract: Having an inter-tie between low/medium voltage grid and distributed generation (DG), both exposes to power quality (PQ) problems created by each other. This paper addresses various PQ problems arise due to integration of DG with grid. The major PQ problems are due to unbalanced and non-linear load connected at DG, unbalanced voltage variations on transmission line and unbalanced grid voltages which severely affect the performance of the system. To mitigate the above mentioned PQ problems, a novel integrated control of distribution static shunt compensator (DSTATCOM) is presented in this paper. DSTATCOM control helps in reducing the unbalance factor of PCC voltage. It also eliminates harmonics from line currents and makes them balanced. Moreover, DSTATCOM supplies the reactive power required by the load locally and hence, grid need not to supply the reactive power. To show the efficacy of the proposed controller, several operating conditions are considered and verified through simulation using MATLAB/SIMULINK. �2016 by De Gruyter.
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