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Title: Efficient design of radar waveforms using novel multiobjective optimization technique
Authors: Baghel V.
Panda G.
Verma S.K.
Keywords: auto correlation function
frequency stepped pulse
linear frequency modulated pulse
multiobjective optimization
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Optimal choice of the parameters of stepped frequency train of linear frequency modulated pulses (SFT-LFM) can substantially improve the detection potentiality of radar target. In this paper this challenging signal design problem has been formulated as a two objectives optimization problem. A minor variant of existing MOEA/D known as multiobjective evolutionary algorithm based on normalize Tchebycheff decomposition (MOEA/NTD) is developed and employed to achieve various best possible combinations of these parameters. Through simulation study the effects of the chosen parameters on mainlobe width, grating lobes and sidelobes of compressed SFT-LFM have been demonstrated. The comparison of the simulation results exhibit that the optimization performance of proposed MOEA/NTD is superior to those obtained by the MOEA/D based method. � 2015 IEEE.
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