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Title: Adaptation of a novel technique to increase the band width and gain of a Bow-Tie antenna by using frequency selective surface
Authors: Ghosh D.
Panda P.K.
Keywords: artificial magnetic conductor (AMC)
Frequency selective surface (FSS)
Periodic boundary condition (PBC) Computer simulation technology-microwave studio (CST-MWS)
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: 1
Abstract: A microstrip-fed planar Bow-Tie antenna placed above a frequency selective surface with bandwidth and gain enhancement by means of 2�2 array of unit cells acting as AMC is presented here. The electrical characteristics of the integrated design are figured out by using CST MWS. The simulated results in terms of impedance bandwidth and radiation pattern of the Bow-Tie antenna with and without AMC are shown for comparison. The impedance bandwidth and gain of the new antenna are seen to be increased up to 31% and 8dBi respectively. � 2015 IEEE.
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