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Title: A survey on the performances of distributed fiber-optic sensors
Authors: Pradhan H.S.
Sahu P.K.
Keywords: DFOS
Hydrocarbon supply line
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: This paper presents a survey on distributed fiber-optic sensors (DFOS) and their performances features. Distributed fiber optic sensors are becoming increasingly popular for long range sensing applications such as monitoring temperature in hydrocarbon supply lines (oil and gas pipeline), structural health monitoring of civil structures, strain monitoring of dam and bridges etc. Moreover, these sensors are embedded with the composite materials for realtime estimation of temperature and strain vibration in civil structures. Nowadays, a lot of research is going on the development of distributed fiber-optic sensor and many are commercialized by several industries. We have made a survey on fiber-optic distributed sensors using scattering principles as well as their performances such as sensing accuracy, sensing resolution, sensing range and spatial resolution for different sensing applications. � 2015 IEEE.
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