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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Water soluble Eu(III) complexes of macrocyclic triamide ligands: Structure, stability, luminescence and redox propertiesPradhan R.N.; Hossain S.M.; Lakma A.; Stojkov D.D.; Verbi? T.�.; Angelovski G.; Pujales-Paradela R.; Platas-Iglesias C.; Singh A.K.
2012Wavelet based energy function for symmetrical fault detection during power swingDubey R.; Samantaray S.R.; Tripathy A.; Babu B.C.; Ehtesham M.
2018Wavelet based fast fault detection in LVDC micro-gridSom S.; Samantaray S.R.
2013Wavelet singular entropy-based islanding detection in distributed generationSamui A.; Samantaray S.R.
2013Wavelet singular entropy-based symmetrical fault-detection and out-of-step protection during power swingDubey R.; Samantaray S.R.
2018Wavelet-Based Auto-Reclosing Technique for TCSC Compensated Lines Connecting WindfarmSahoo B.; Samantaray S.R.
2014Wavelet-based electrocardiogram signal compression methods and their performances: A prospective reviewSabarimalai Sur M.; Dandapat S.
2015Weak electron-phonon coupling in the early alkali atomic wiresLanzillo N.A.; Nayak S.K.
2017Wear and Dissolution of MgO�C Refractory Lining in Belly and Top Cone Regions of BOF VesselDeo B.
2013Wear behaviour of a Mg alloy subjected to friction stir processingArora H.S.; Singh H.; Dhindaw B.K.
2019Weather forecasting in Iindia: Recent developmentsPattnaik S.
2011Web site classification on information and entertainment profilesShukla A.; Sharma N.K.; Swami S.
2019Weblog and retail industries analysis using a robust modified Apriori algorithmKaliappan J.; Sai S.M.; Shaily Preetham K.
2015Welcome messageOjha A.K.
2019Weld bonding process analysis for tensile shear strength and peel strength of weld bonded joints of dissimilar steel sheetsBoriwal L.; Sarviya R.M.; Mahapatra M.M.
2017Welding of copper oxide nanocolumns by ion irradiation: Transition from hydrophilic to hydrophobic surfaceDhal S.; Chatterjee S.; Chatterjee S.
2015Western Disturbances: A reviewDimri A.P.; Niyogi D.; Barros A.P.; Ridley J.; Mohanty U.C.; Yasunari T.; Sikka D.R.
2016White-light emission by phonon assisted coherent mixing of excitons in Au8-CdS hybrid nanorodsRath S.; Halder O.; Pradhani A.; Satpati B.; Maity A.; Chini T.K.; Gogurla N.; Ray S.K.
2018Whole body motion generation of 18-DOF biped robot on flat surface during SSP & DSPMandava R.K.; Vundavilli P.R.
2014Wide frequency range adaptive phasor and frequency PMU algorithmsKamwa I.; Samantaray S.R.; Joos G.