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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Valence directed binding mode of [2 � 2] iron grids of an unsymmetrical picolinic hydrazone based ligandHossain S.M.; Lakma A.; Pradhan R.N.; Demeshko S.; Singh A.K.
2018Validation of Differential Phase-Angle Based Microgrid Protection Scheme on RTDS PlatformSharma N.K.; Samantaray S.R.
2019Validation of multi-scale ultra-high resolution (MuR) sea surface temperature with coastal buoys observations and applications for coastal fronts in the Bay of BengalAbhishek P.; Sil S.
2015Validation of SARAL/AltiKa significant wave height and wind speed observations over the North Indian OceanKumar U.M.; Swain D.; Sasamal S.K.; Reddy N.N.; Ramanjappa T.
2019Validation of SMAP Soil Moisture Products Using Ground-Based Observations for the Paddy Dominated Tropical Region of IndiaSingh G.; Das N.N.; Panda R.K.; Colliander A.; Jackson T.J.; Mohanty B.P.; Entekhabi D.; Yueh S.H.
2013Variability in the ENSO-induced southern hemispheric circulation and Antarctic sea ice extentDash M.K.; Pandey P.C.; Vyas N.K.; Turner J.
2018Variational Mode Decomposition and Decision Tree Based Detection and Classification of Power Quality Disturbances in Grid-Connected Distributed Generation SystemAchlerkar P.D.; Samantaray S.R.; Sabarimalai Manikandan M.
2017Variational mode decomposition-based power system disturbance assessment to enhance WA situational awareness and post-mortem analysisJena M.K.; Samantaray S.R.; Panigrahi B.K.
2019Vermifiltration as a sustainable natural treatment technology for the treatment and reuse of wastewater: A reviewSingh R.; Samal K.; Dash R.R.; Bhunia P.
2014Video analysis of Hammersmith lateral tilting examination using Kalman filter guided multi-path trackingDogra D.P.; Badri V.; Majumdar A.K.; Sural S.; Mukherjee J.; Mukherjee S.; Singh A.
2017Video synopsis generation using spatio-Temporal groupsAhmed A.; Kar S.; Dogra D.P.; Patnaik R.; Lee S.; Choi H.; Kim I.
2017Virtual trainer with real-time feedback using kinect sensorKumar P.; Saini R.; Yadava M.; Roy P.P.; Dogra D.P.; Balasubramanian R.
2019Visual rendering of shapes on 2D display devices guided by hand gesturesSingla A.; Roy P.P.; Dogra D.P.
2019ViTag: Automatic video tagging using segmentation and conceptual inferencePatwardhan A.A.; Das S.; Varshney S.; Desarkar M.S.; Dogra D.P.
2015VM migration auction: Business oriented federation of cloud providers for scaling of application servicesMajhi S.K.; Bera P.
2014Voltage control of stand-alone 'Photovoltaic-Diesel Generator-Battery' systemBhende C.N.; Malla S.G.
2014Voltage control of stand-alone wind and solar energy systemMalla S.G.; Bhende C.N.
2019Voltage Ripple Mitigation in DC Microgrid with Constant Power LoadsSekhar P.C.; Krishna U.V.
2018Vortex dynamics of a trapezoidal bluff body placed inside a�circular pipeVenugopal A.; Agrawal A.; Prabhu S.V.
2019Vortex Shedding Optical Flowmeter based on Photonic Crystal FiberArumuru V.; Dash J.N.; Dora D.; Jha R.