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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Ultra High Bit-rate Fiber Optic Hybrid (WDM and TDM) Communication System Design and SimulationDas U.; Sahu P.K.; Patnaik B.
2013Ultra high capacity 1.28 Tbps DWDM system design and simulation using optimized modulation formatPatnaik B.; Sahu P.K.
2019Ultra-fast tuning of refractive index in Lithium Niobate slab by GHz acoustic wavePrakash S.; Sharma G.; Singh V.
2019Ultrafast rotation of CdS nanopods asserted from excited state dynamicsSwain D.K.; Mallik G.; Rath S.
2014Ultrasensitive displacement sensor based on photonic crystal fiber modal interferometerDash J.N.; Jha R.; Dass S.
2013Ultrasensitive plasmonic imaging sensor based on graphene and siliconMaharana P.K.; Srivastava T.; Jha R.
2016Ultrasensitive THz - Plasmonics gaseous sensor using doped graphenePurkayastha A.; Srivastava T.; Jha R.
2011Ultrasonic pretreatment of sludge: A reviewPilli S.; Bhunia P.; Yan S.; LeBlanc R.J.; Tyagi R.D.; Surampalli R.Y.
2012Ultrasound assisted synthesis and properties of zno: B nanorods and micro flowersPanda N.R.; Sahu D.; Acharya B.S.
2019Uncompensated surface states in antiferromagnetic FeF2 nanoparticles induced by mechanical millingPanda N.R.; Pati S.P.; Das D.
2018Unconstrained handwritten digit recognition using perceptual shape primitivesDash K.S.; Puhan N.B.; Panda G.
2017Unconventional magnetism in ZnO nanorodsMishra D.; Rout C.S.; Mishra M.; Pattanaik A.K.
2018Understanding intricacies of clogging and its alleviation by introducing earthworms in soil biofiltersSingh R.; Bhunia P.; Dash R.R.
2020Understanding the effect of grain size distribution on the stability of nanocrystalline materials: An analytical approachGollapudi S.; Soni A.K.
2019Understanding the Role of Fluorination on the Interaction of Electrolytic Carbonates with Li+ through an Electronic Structure ApproachKushwaha A.K.; Sahoo M.R.; Nayak S.K.
2017Unequally spaced linear antenna array synthesis using multi-objective cauchy mutated cat swarm optimizationPappula L.; Ghosh D.
2016A unified and common intermediate strategy for the asymmetric total synthesis of 3-deoxy-neo-inositol and conduritol EPanda A.; Biswas R.G.; Pal S.
2015Unified framework for triaxial accelerometer-based fall event detection and classification using cumulants and hierarchical decision tree classifierKambhampati S.S.; Singh V.; Manikandan M.S.; Ramkumar B.
2016A unified sparse signal decomposition and reconstruction framework for elimination of muscle artifacts from ECG signalSatija U.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan M.S.
2014A unique low complexity parameter independent adaptive design for echo reductionDas P.; Deb A.; Kar A.; Chandra M.