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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Palladium(II) in electrophilic activation of aldehydes and enones: Efficient C-3 functionalization of indolesMohapatra S.S.; Mukhi P.; Mohanty A.; Pal S.; Sahoo A.O.; Das D.; Roy S.
2013Palladium(II)-catalyzed efficient C-3 functionalization of indoles with benzylic and allylic alcohols under Co-catalyst, acid, base, additive and external ligand-free conditionsDas D.; Roy S.
2015Parameter optimization of Al-SiC metal matrix composites produced using powder-based processGangadhara Rao P.; Gopala Krishna A.; Vundavalli P.R.
2013Parametric appraisal of process parameters for adhesion of plasma sprayed nanostructured YSZ coatings using taguchi experimental designMantry S.; Mishra B.K.; Chakraborty M.
2012Pareto optimization of cognitive radio parameters using multiobjective evolutionary algorithms and fuzzy decision makingPradhan P.M.; Panda G.
2012Particle swarm optimization based active noise control algorithm without secondary path identificationRout N.K.; Das D.P.; Panda G.
2012A particle-swarm-optimization-based decentralized nonlinear active noise control systemGeorge N.V.; Panda G.
2013Partition function of beta-gamma system on orbifoldsBhamidipati C.; Ray K.
2018A passive islanding detection technique with reduced complexity for distributed generationsMishra P.P.; Bhende C.N.
2014PCF based graphene coated SPR biosensorDash J.N.; Jha R.
2015PCF Modal Interferometer Based on Macrobending for Refractive Index SensingDash J.N.; Jha R.
2018Pd-Doped WO3 Nanostructures as Potential Glucose Sensor with Insight from Electronic Structure SimulationsPonnusamy R.; Chakraborty B.; Rout C.S.
2019Pd/PTABS: Low-Temperature Thioetherification of Chloro(hetero)arenesBandaru S.S.M.; Bhilare S.; Cardozo J.; Chrysochos N.; Schulzke C.; Sanghvi Y.S.; Gunturu K.C.; Kapdi A.R.
2018Performance analysis of a liquid-filled glass prism-coupled metal-clad planar waveguide sensorYadav G.C.; Prakash S.; Sharma G.; Kumar S.; Singh V.
2016Performance analysis of DCSK modulation with diversity combining not requiring channel state informationKumar A.; Sahu P.R.; Mishra J.
2019Performance Analysis of DCSK-BDR Systems over Nakagami-m Fading ChannelsKumar A.; Sahu P.R.
2016Performance analysis of differential chaos shift keying modulation with transmit antenna selectionKumar A.; Sahu P.R.
2014Performance analysis of DWDM communication system using an inline moduleSharathchandra S.; Sahu P.K.
2014Performance analysis of DWDM communication system using an inline moduleSharathChandra S.; Sahu P.K.
2020Performance analysis of free space optical communication system using different modulation schemes over weak to strong atmospheric turbulence channelsMalik S.; Sahu P.K.