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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The idea of england in eighteenth-century indian travel writingSatapathy A.
2012Identification of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment in Eastern Canada Using S Transform Filtering of GPS ObservationsGeorge N.V.; Tiampo K.F.; Sahu S.S.; Mazzotti S.; Mansinha L.; Panda G.
2018Identification of phase in-homogeneities in Na-SrSiO3 electrolytes for low temperature SOFCsPandey A.; Chanda U.K.; Besra L.; Sahu K.K.; Roy A.; Pati S.
2011Identification of protein-coding regions in DNA sequences using a time-frequency filtering approachSahu S.S.; Panda G.
2011IIR system identification using cat swarm optimizationPanda G.; Pradhan P.M.; Majhi B.
2019Impact analysis of compressor rotor blades of an aircraft engineSudhir Sastry Y.B.; Kiros B.G.; Hailu F.; Budarapu P.R.
2017Impact of climate change on design of offshore wind turbine considering dynamic soil-structure interactionBisoi S.; Haldar S.
2017Impact of climate change on dynamic behavior of offshore wind turbineBisoi S.; Haldar S.
2018Impact of climate variability on various Rabi crops over Northwest IndiaNageswararao M.M.; Dhekale B.S.; Mohanty U.C.
2014Impact of Doppler weather radar data on thunderstorm simulation during STORM pilot phase´┐Ż2009Prasad S.K.; Mohanty U.C.; Routray A.; Osuri K.K.; Ramakrishna S.S.V.S.; Niyogi D.
2015Impact of elevated temperature and CO2 on productivity of peanut in eastern IndiaHaider D.; Panda R.K.; Srivastava R.K.
2018Impact of filler on engineering characteristics of bituminous paving mixes with recycled concrete aggregatesGiri J.P.; Panda M.; Sahoo U.C.
2019Impact of high resolution sea surface temperature on tropical cyclone characteristics over the Bay of Bengal using model simulationsRai D.; Pattnaik S.; Rajesh P.V.; Hazra V.
2019Impact of organic loading rate and earthworms on dissolved oxygen and vermifiltrationSingh R.; Bhunia P.; Dash R.R.
2018Impact of policy reforms on the productivity growth of Indian coal mining: A decomposition analysisSahoo A.K.; Sahu N.C.; Sahoo D.
2017Impact of Rapid Urbanization on the City of Bhubaneswar, IndiaSwain D.; Roberts G.J.; Dash J.; Lekshmi K.; Vinoj V.; Tripathy S.
2016Impact of rapid urbanization on the microclimate of Indian cities: A case study for the city of BhubaneswarSwain D.; Roberts G.J.; Dash J.; Vinoj V.; Lekshmi K.; Tripathy S.
2016Impact of Satellite Radiance Data on Simulations of Bay of Bengal Tropical Cyclones Using the WRF-3DVAR Modeling SystemRoutray A.; Mohanty U.C.; Osuri K.K.; Kar S.C.; Niyogi D.
2018Impact of symmetric and asymmetric fading channels on dual-hop AF relay system with SSK modulationSahu H.K.; Sahu P.R.
2019Impact of vortex size and Initialization on prediction of landfalling tropical cyclones over Bay of BengalBusireddy N.K.R.; Nadimpalli R.; Osuri K.K.; Ankur K.; Mohanty U.C.; Niyogi D.