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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Fabrication and characterization of LaFeO3-BaTiO3 electroceramicsSahoo S.; Das S.; Mahapatra P.K.; Choudhary R.N.P.
2018Fabrication and Theoretical Analysis of Square Knot Resonator for Sensing ApplicationsDass S.; Jha R.
2017Fabrication of fiber based inline micro air cavities with tunable geometrical parametersDash J.N.; Jha R.
2017Fabrication of flexible piezoelectric PMN-PT based composite films for energy harvestingDas S.; Biswal A.K.; Roy A.
2017Fabrication of Inline Micro Air Cavity with Choice-Based DimensionsDash J.N.; Jha R.
2015Fabry-Perot based strain insensitive photonic crystal fiber modal interferometer for inline sensing of refractive index and temperatureDash J.N.; Jha R.
2016Fabry-perot cavity on demand for hysteresis free interferometric sensorsDash J.N.; Jha R.
2017Facile and single step synthesis of three dimensional reduced graphene oxide-NiCoO 2 composite using microwave for enhanced electron field emission propertiesKumar R.; Singh R.K.; Singh A.K.; Vaz A.R.; Rout C.S.; Moshkalev S.A.
2017Facile electrochemical growth of spinel copper cobaltite nanosheets for non-enzymatic glucose sensing and supercapacitor applicationsNaik K.K.; Sahoo S.; Rout C.S.
2016Facile Electrochemical Synthesis of Porous Manganese-Cobalt-Sulfide Based Ternary Transition Metal Sulfide Nanosheets Architectures for High Performance Energy Storage ApplicationsSahoo S.; Rout C.S.
2017Facile Hydrothermal Synthesis of MnWO4 Nanorods for Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensing and Supercapacitor Properties with Insights from Density Functional Theory SimulationsNaik K.K.; Gangan A.S.; Pathak A.; Chakraborty B.; Nayak S.K.; Rout C.S.
2015Facile synthesis and improved optical activity in ZnO nanocrystallites doped with coinage metalsSahu D.; Panda N.R.; Acharya B.S.
2015Facile synthesis of Ag nanowire-rGO composites and their promising field emission performanceSamantara A.K.; Mishra D.K.; Suryawanshi S.R.; More M.A.; Thapa R.; Late D.J.; Jena B.K.; Rout C.S.
2019Facile synthesis of ZnO/GO nanoflowers over Si substrate for improved photocatalytic decolorization of MB dye and industrial wastewater under solar irradiationChauhan P.S.; Kant R.; Rai A.; Gupta A.; Bhattacharya S.
2014Facile tandem Suzuki coupling/transfer hydrogenation reaction with a bis-heteroscorpionate Pd-Ru complexDehury N.; Tripathy S.K.; Sahoo A.; Maity N.; Patra S.
2018Factorial design for process optimization and generation of kinetic data for yttrium and europium leachingAnand A.; Singh R.; Ghosh M.K.; Sanjay K.
2019Fair division of indivisible goods among strategic agentsBarman S.; Ghalme G.; Jain S.; Kulkarni P.; Narang S.
2019Fast adaptive autoreclosing technique for series compensated transmission linesSahoo B.; Samantaray S.R.
2015Fast discrete S-transform based differential relaying scheme for UPFC compensated parallel lineTripathy L.N.; Samantaray S.R.; Jena M.K.; Mishra S.K.
2018Fast recognition and verification of 3D air signatures using convex hullsBehera S.K.; Dogra D.P.; Roy P.P.