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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Accurate refractive-index sensing with Tamm-plasmon and surface-plasmon based hybrid configurationsDas R.; Srivastava T.; Jha R.
2012Acetylation of ?A-crystallin in the human lens: Effects on structure and chaperone functionNagaraj R.H.; Nahomi R.B.; Shanthakumar S.; Linetsky M.; Padmanabha S.; Pasupuleti N.; Wang B.; Santhoshkumar P.; Panda A.K.; Biswas A.
2014Acetylation of Gly1 and Lys2 promotes aggregation of human ?d-crystallinDimauro M.A.; Nandi S.K.; Raghavan C.T.; Kar R.K.; Wang B.; Bhunia A.; Nagaraj R.H.; Biswas A.
2013Acetylation of lysine 92 improves the chaperone and anti-apoptotic activities of human ?b-crystallinNahomi R.B.; Huang R.; Nandi S.K.; Wang B.; Padmanabha S.; Santhoshkumar P.; Filipek S.; Biswas A.; Nagaraj R.H.
2018Achieving optimized tungsten inert gas butt welding conditions of thin cold rolled steel sheets by response surface methodology and artificial neural networksGiri A.; Pandey C.; Mahapatra M.M.
2014Aco and Ga based fault-tolerant scheduling of real-time tasks on multiprocessor systems-A comparative studyKumar A.; Panda S.; Pani S.K.; Baghel V.; Panda A.
2018Acoustically tunable photonic band gap generation in MgO doped Lithium Niobate micro-dimension platePrakash S.; Sharma G.; Chand Yadav G.; Singh V.
2019Action-angle variables for the purely nonlinear oscillatorGhosh A.; Bhamidipati C.
2013Active control of nonlinear noise processes using cascaded adaptive nonlinear filterGeorge N.V.; Panda G.
2016An active islanding detection scheme for inverter-based DG with frequency dependent ZIP-Exponential static load modelSamui A.; Samantaray S.R.
2016Adaptation of a novel technique to increase the band width and gain of a Bow-Tie antenna by using frequency selective surfaceGhosh D.; Panda P.K.
2014Adaptive deloading of stand-alone wind farm for primary frequency controlPradhan C.; Bhende C.N.
2015Adaptive distance relay setting for parallel transmission network connecting wind farms and UPFCDubey R.; Samantaray S.R.; Panigrahi B.K.; Venkoparao G.V.
2014Adaptive distance relaying scheme for transmission network connecting wind farmsDubey R.K.; Samantaray S.R.; Panigrahi B.K.
2019An adaptive load balancing scheme for software-defined network controllersPriyadarsini M.; Mukherjee J.C.; Bera P.; Kumar S.; Jakaria A.H.M.; Rahman M.A.
2019An adaptive PID control algorithm for the two-legged robot walking on a slopeMandava R.K.; Vundavilli P.R.
2015Adaptive saliency-weighted obstacle detection for the visually challengedPoddar A.; Ahmed S.T.; Puhan N.B.
2017Adaptive super-twisting sliding mode control for a three-phase single-stage grid-connected differential boost inverter based photovoltaic systemPati A.K.; Sahoo N.C.
2018Adaptive virtual inertia-based frequency regulation in wind power systemsPradhan C.; Bhende C.N.; Samanta A.K.
2018Adhesion failure propagation analyses of Spar Wingskin Joints made with curved laminated FRP composite and FGM panelsMishra P.K.; Pradhan A.K.; Pandit M.K.