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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The role of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti-13Zr-13Nb alloy for biomedical load bearing applicationsMajumdar P.; Singh S.B.; Chakraborty M.
2019Role of interannual equatorial forcing on the subsurface temperature dipole in the Bay of Bengal during IOD and ENSO eventsPramanik S.; Sil S.; Mandal S.; Dey D.; Shee A.
2016Role of land state in a high resolution mesoscale model for simulating the Uttarakhand heavy rainfall event over IndiaRajesh P.V.; Pattnaik S.; Rai D.; Osuri K.K.; Mohanty U.C.; Tripathy S.
2016The role of land surface processes on extreme weather events: Land data assimilation systemNiyogi D.; Osuri K.K.; Subramanian S.; Mohanty U.C.
2016The role of land surface processes on tropical cyclones: Introduction to land surface modelsNiyogi D.; Subramanian S.; Osuri K.K.
2015The role of land surface schemes in the regional climate model (RegCM) for seasonal scale simulations over Western HimalayaTiwari P.R.; Chandra Kar S.; Mohanty U.C.; Dey S.; Sinha P.; Raju P.V.S.; Shekhar M.S.
2016The role of magnetic Reynolds number in MHD forced convection heat transferVimala S.; Damodaran S.; Sivakumar R.; Sekhar T.V.S.
2020Role of multiple equatorial waves on cyclogenesis over Bay of BengalLandu K.; Goyal R.; Keshav B.S.
2012Role of Prandtl number in the interaction phenomenon of surface radiation with an opposing mixed convection within a differential heated cavityMahapatra S.K.; Samantaray S.; Sarkar A.
2011Role of rare earth ions on structural and optical properties of ZnO nanopowder: A case of Ce3+Panda N.R.; Acharya B.S.
2015The role of roller speed on solidification of Al-Mg-Si alloy during twin roll strip castingZuhailawati H.; Yusof M.M.; Anasyida A.S.; Almanar I.P.; Dhindaw B.K.
2013Role of substrate bias during deposition of magnetron sputtered Ni, Ti and Ni-Ti thin filmsPriyadarshini B.G.; Gupta M.K.; Ghosh S.; Chakraborty M.; Aich S.
2014The role of substrate compensation on DC characteristics of 4H-SiC MESFET with buffer layer: A combined two-dimensional simulations and analytical studyRao M.H.L.; Murty N.V.L.N.
2015Role of subunit exchange and electrostatic interactions on the chaperone activity of Mycobacterium leprae HSP18Nandi S.K.; Panda A.K.; Chakraborty A.; Ray S.S.; Biswas A.
2014Role of surface radiation on the functionality of thermoelectric cooler with heat sinkSarkar A.; Mahapatra S.K.
2017Role of thermal radiation in buoyant convection of industrial dusty air: A numerical investigationJena S.K.; Mahapatra S.K.
2017Room temperature multiferroism in polycrystalline thin films of gallium ferriteMishra M.; Roy A.; Garg A.; Gupta R.; Mukherjee S.
2017Round robin testing of durability parameters - Towards identification of suitable durability tests for concreteDhanya B.S.; Santhanam M.; Kulkarni V.; Nanthagopalan P.; Bishnoi S.; Singh S.P.; Ranjani G.I.S.; Dinakar P.; Bhaskar S.
2019Ruin probabilities by Pad�s method: simple moments based mixed exponential approximations (Renyi, De Vylder, Cram�r�Lundberg), and high precision approximations with both light and heavy tailsAvram F.; Banik A.D.; Horvath A.
2019Run and slow control system of the Belle II silicon vertex detectorIrmler C.; Aihara H.; Aziz T.; Bacher S.; Bahinipati S.; Barberio E.; Baroncelli T.; Baroncelli T.; Basith A.K.; Batignani G.; Bauer A.; Behera P.K.; Bertacchi V.; Bettarini S.; Bhuyan B.; Bilka T.; Bosi F.; Bosisio L.; Bozek A.; Buchsteiner F.; Caria G.; Casarosa G.; Ceccanti M.; ?ervenkov D.; Czank T.; Dash N.; De Nuccio M.; Dole�al Z.; Forti F.; Friedl M.; Gobbo B.; Grimaldo J.A.M.; Hara K.; Higuchi T.; Ishikawa A.; Jeon H.B.; Joo C.; Kaleta M.; Kandra J.; Kang K.H.; Kody� P.; Kohriki T.; Komarov I.; Kumar M.; Kumar R.; Kvasni?ka P.; La Licata C.; Lalwani K.; Lanceri L.; Lee J.Y.; Lee S.C.; Li Y.; Libby J.; Lueck T.; Mammini P.; Martini A.; Mayekar S.N.; Mohanty G.B.; Morii T.; Nakamura K.R.; Natkaniec Z.; Onuki Y.; Ostrowicz W.; Paladino A.; Paoloni E.; Park H.; Prasanth K.; Profeti A.; Rao K.K.; Rashevskaya I.; Resmi P.K.; Rizzo G.; Rozanska M.; Sahoo D.; Sasaki J.; Sato N.; Schultschik S.; Schwanda C.; Stypula J.; Suzuki J.; Tanaka S.; Tanigawa H.; Taylor G.N.; Thalmeier R.; Tsuboyama T.; Urquijo P.; Vitale L.; Wan K.; Watanabe M.; Watanuki S.; Watson I.J.; Webb J.; Wiechczynski J.; Williams S.; Yin H.; Zani L.; Belle-II SVD Collaboration