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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Sensitivity enhancement of a surface plasmon resonance based biomolecules sensor using graphene and silicon layersVerma R.; Gupta B.D.; Jha R.
2011Wind power forecasting model using complex wavelet theoryMishra S.; Sharma A.; Panda G.
2011High reactive metakaolin for high strength and high performance concreteDinakar P.
2011Effect of mushy state rolling on age-hardening and tensile behavior of Al-4.5Cu alloy and in situ Al-4.5Cu-5TiB2 compositeSiddhalingeshwar I.G.; Herbert M.A.; Chakraborty M.; Mitra R.
2011Portfolio management assessment by four multiobjective optimization algorithmMishra S.K.; Panda G.; Meher S.; Majhi R.; Singh M.
2011The role of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti-13Zr-13Nb alloy for biomedical load bearing applicationsMajumdar P.; Singh S.B.; Chakraborty M.
2011FRC performance comparison: Uniaxial direct tensile test, third-point bending test, and round panel testChao S.-H.; Cho J.-S.; Karki N.B.; Sahoo D.R.; Yazdani N.
2011Differential energy based relaying for thyristror controlled series compensated lineTripathy L.N.; Samantaray S.R.
2011Nonlinear static analysis of smart laminated composite plateHari Kishore M.D.V.; Singh B.N.; Pandit M.K.
2011Electrical transport in a quantum dot undergoing Jahn-teller transitionBose S.M.; Ndengeyintwali D.; Behera S.N.; Entel P.
2011Ag(I)-catalyzed regioselective ring-opening of N -tosylaziridine and N -tosylazetidine with S -, O -, and N -nucleophiles and tethered dinucleophilesBera M.; Pratihar S.; Roy S.
2011From the guest editorsPandey P.C.; Dash M.K.
2011Assessment of P-V droop characteristics in islanding detection with frequency-dependent ZIP-exponential static loadSamui A.; Samantaray S.R.
2011The influence of heat treatment and role of boron on sliding wear behaviour of ?-type Ti-35Nb-7.2Zr-5.7Ta alloy in dry condition and in simulated body fluidsMajumdar P.; Singh S.B.; Chakraborty M.
2011S-Transform technique for identifying the location of a switched capacitorBhende C.N.
2011New GOPSO and its application to robust identificationBaghel V.; Nanda S.J.; Panda G.
2011IIR system identification using cat swarm optimizationPanda G.; Pradhan P.M.; Majhi B.
2011Magnetocapacitance in Ca3CoMnO6Kaushik S.D.; Rayaprol S.; Saha J.; Mohapatra N.; Siruguri V.; Babu P.D.; Patnaik S.
2011Erosion behavior of glass-epoxy composites filled with SiC from bamboo leafMantry S.; Mohapatra S.; Mohapatra S.; Singh S.K.; Mandal A.; Satapathy A.
2011Foamability of MgAl2O4 (spinel) - Reinforced aluminum alloy compositesKumar G.S.V.; Chakraborty M.; Garcia-Moreno F.; Banhart J.