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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An adaptive PID control algorithm for the two-legged robot walking on a slopeMandava R.K.; Vundavilli P.R.
2019An analytical approach for generating balanced gaits of a biped robot on stairs and sloping surfacesMandava R.K.; Vundavilli P.R.
2019Application of hybrid fast marching method to determine the real-time path for the biped robotMandava R.K.; Katla M.; Vundavilli P.R.
2013Application of response surface methodology for modeling the properties of chromite-based resin bonded sand coresSurekha B.; Hanumantha Rao D.; Rao G.K.M.; Vundavilli P.R.; Parappagoudar M.B.
2019Design of near-optimal trajectories for the biped robot using MCIWO algorithmMandava R.K.; Vundavilli P.R.
2016Development of path tracking control algorithm for a 4 DOF spatial manipulator using PID controllerBonikila P.R.; Mandava R.K.; Vundavilli P.R.
2019Dynamic motion planning algorithm for a biped robot using fast marching method hybridized with regression searchMandava R.K.; Mrudul K.; Vundavilli P.R.
2018An Efficient Path Planning Algorithm for Biped Robot using Fast Marching MethodMrudul K.; Mandava R.K.; Vundavilli P.R.
2013Enhanced lipase recovery through RSM integrated differential evolutionary approach from the fermented biomassGarlapati V.K.; Vundavilli P.R.; Banerjee R.
2017Erosion Response of Thixoformed A356-5TiB2in situ Composite Using Taguchi's Experimental DesignKumar S.D.; Vundavilli P.R.; Mandal A.; Mantry S.; Chakraborty M.
2016Experimental investigations and multi-response optimisation of wire electric discharge machining of hypereutectic Al-Si alloysBabu D.M.; Kiran S.V.; Vundavilli P.R.; Mandal A.
2016Forward and inverse kinematic based full body gait generation of biped robotMandava R.K.; Vundavilli P.R.
2018Implementation of modified chaotic invasive weed optimization algorithm for optimizing the PID controller of the biped robotMandava R.K.; Vundavilli P.R.
2019Influence of TiC on dry sliding wear and mechanical properties of in situ synthesized AA5052 metal matrix compositesSamal P.; Vundavilli P.R.; Meher A.; Mahapatra M.M.
2015Modeling of ECDM micro-drilling process using GA- and PSO-trained radial basis function neural networkShanmukhi K.; Vundavilli P.R.; Surekha B.
2016Multi-Objective Optimization of Squeeze Casting Process using Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm OptimizationPatel G.C.M.; Krishna P.; Vundavilli P.R.; Parappagoudar M.B.
2018Near Optimal PID Controllers for the Biped Robot While Walking on Uneven TerrainsMandava R.K.; Vundavilli P.R.
2014Near-optimal prediction of geometrical requirements of injection moulded parts using Mamdani-based fuzzy logic controllerVundavilli P.R.; Kumar J.P.; Surekha B.
2015Neural network-based expert system for modeling of tube spinning processVundavilli P.R.; Phani Kumar J.; Sai Priyatham C.; Parappagoudar M.B.
2019An optimal PID controller for a biped robot walking on flat terrain using MCIWO algorithmsMandava R.K.; Vundavilli P.R.