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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Geochemical characterization of coal and waste rocks from a high sulfur bearing coalfield, India: Implication for acid and metal generationSahoo P.K.; Tripathy S.; Panigrahi M.K.; Equeenuddin S.
2016Green practices adopted by the mining supply chains in India: A case studyMuduli K.; Barve A.; Tripathy S.; Biswal J.N.
2018A Grey Relation Approach for Selection of Industrial RobotMuduli K.; Pumwa J.; Yadav D.K.; Kumar R.; Tripathy S.
2017Impact of Rapid Urbanization on the City of Bhubaneswar, IndiaSwain D.; Roberts G.J.; Dash J.; Lekshmi K.; Vinoj V.; Tripathy S.
2016Impact of rapid urbanization on the microclimate of Indian cities: A case study for the city of BhubaneswarSwain D.; Roberts G.J.; Dash J.; Vinoj V.; Lekshmi K.; Tripathy S.
2014Influence of different fractions of heavy metals on microbial ecophysiological indicators and enzyme activities in century old municipal solid waste amended soilTripathy S.; Bhattacharyya P.; Mohapatra R.; Som A.; Chowdhury D.
2013Inhibition of acid mine drainage from a pyrite-rich mining waste using industrial by-products: Role of neo-formed phasesSahoo P.K.; Tripathy S.; Panigrahi M.K.; Md Equeenuddin Sk.
2013Interpretive structural modelling for critical success factors of R&D performance in Indian manufacturing firmsTripathy S.; Sahu S.; Ray P.K.
2017Investigation of influential factors of green supply chain management in Indian mining industries: An empirical studyMuduli K.; Biswal J.N.; Satapathy S.; Barve A.; Tripathy S.
2019Land use and land cover change effect on surface temperature over Eastern IndiaGogoi P.P.; Vinoj V.; Swain D.; Roberts G.; Dash J.; Tripathy S.
2015The may 21st, 2014 bay of Bengal earthquake: Implications for intraplate stress regimeRai A.K.; Tripathy S.; Sahu S.C.
2013Metal behavior in sediment associated with acid mine drainage stream: Role of pHEqueenuddin S.M.; Tripathy S.; Sahoo P.K.; Panigrahi M.K.
2012Mineralogy of Fe-Precipitates and Their Role in Metal Retention from an Acid Mine Drainage Site in India [Die Mineralogie von Eisenablagerungen und deren Rolle in Metallr�ckhalteverm�gen auf einem durch saures Grubenwasser belasteten Gel�nde in Indien]Sahoo P.K.; Tripathy S.; Panigrahi M.K.; Equeenuddin S.M.
2019Multidimensional grid aware address prediction for GPGPUTripathy S.; Sahoo D.; Satpathy M.
2016A novel classification of handwritten digits using compressive sensing techniqueTripathy S.; Panda G.
2015Response of trace metal redox proxies in continental shelf environment: The Eastern Arabian Sea scenarioAcharya S.S.; Panigrahi M.K.; Gupta A.K.; Tripathy S.
2016Role of land state in a high resolution mesoscale model for simulating the Uttarakhand heavy rainfall event over IndiaRajesh P.V.; Pattnaik S.; Rai D.; Osuri K.K.; Mohanty U.C.; Tripathy S.
2019Spatio-temporal variations in ecosystem and CO 2 sequestration in coastal lagoon: A foraminiferal perspectiveBarik S.S.; Singh R.K.; Jena P.S.; Tripathy S.; Sharma K.; Prusty P.
2016Speciation of phosphorus in the continental shelf sediments in the Eastern Arabian SeaAcharya S.S.; Panigrahi M.K.; Kurian J.; Gupta A.K.; Tripathy S.
2014Utilization of ochre as an adsorbent to remove Pb(II) and Cu(II) from contaminated aqueous mediaSahoo H.B.; Tripathy S.; Equeenuddin S.M.; Sahoo P.K.