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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An assessment for mechanical and microstructure behavior of dissimilar material welded joint between nuclear grade martensitic P91 and austenitic SS304 L steelThakare J.G.; Pandey C.; Mahapatra M.M.; Mulik R.S.
2019Characterization of slurry-based mullite coating deposited on P91 steel weldsKanwal S.; Thakare J.G.; Pandey C.; Singh I.; Mahapatra M.M.
2018Characterization of weld fusion zone for TIG welded p91 and P92 steelsPandey C.; Mohan Mahapatra M.; Kumar P.; Kumar P.; Thakare J.G.
2019Corrigendum to �A brief study on ?-ferrite evolution in dissimilar P91 and P92 steel weld joint and their effect on mechanical properties� [Archives of Civil and Mech Engineering 18 (2018)713�722](S1644966517301814)(10.1016/j.acme.2017.12.002)Pandey C.; Mahapatra M.M.; Kumar P.; Saini N.; Thakare J.G.; Vidyathy R.S.; Narang H.K.
2018Effect of carbon nanotubes and aluminum oxide on the properties of a plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatingThakare J.G.; Mulik R.S.; Mahapatra M.M.
2018Effect of grit blasting and thermal spraying on microstructure evolution of P91 weldmentThakare J.G.; Pandey C.; Mulik R.S.; Mahapatra M.M.; Narang H.K.
2018Hot corrosion behavior of plasma sprayed 8YSZ-alumina- CNT composite coating in Na2SO4�60% V2O5 molten salt environmentThakare J.G.; Mulik R.S.; Mahapatra M.M.; upadhyaya R.
2018Mechanical property evaluation of carbon nanotubes reinforced plasma sprayed YSZ-alumina composite coatingThakare J.G.; Pandey C.; Mulik R.S.; Mahapatra M.M.
2019Microstructure and mechanical properties of D-Gun sprayed Cr3C2-NiCr coating on P91 steel subjected to long term thermal exposure at 650 °CThakare J.G.; Pandey C.; Mulik R.S.; Mahapatra M.M.
2019Study on effect of double austenitization treatment on fracture morphology tensile tested nuclear grade P92 steelPandey C.; Mahapatra M.M.; Kumar P.; Kumar P.; Saini N.; Thakare J.G.; Kumar S.
2019Thermomechanical analysis of tungsten inert gas welding process for predicting temperature distribution and angular distortionNarang H.K.; Pandey C.; Thakare J.G.; Saini N.; Mahapatra M.M.; Jha P.K.