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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Comparative Analysis of SCATSat-1 Gridded Winds with Buoys, ASCAT, and ECMWF Winds in the Bay of BengalMandal S.; Sil S.; Shee A.; Swain D.; Pandey P.C.
2019Cyclone Enhanced Chlorophyll in the Bay of Bengal as Evidenced from Satellite and BGC-Argo Float ObservationsJayaram C.; Udaya Bhaskar T.V.S.; Kumar J.P.; Swain D.
2014Daily composite wind fields from Oceansat-2 scatterometerJayaram C.; Udaya Bhaskar T.V.S.; Swain D.; Pattabhi Rama Rao E.; Bansal S.; Dutta D.; Rao K.H.
2019Estimation of Chlorophyll-a in Northern Coastal Bay of Bengal Using Landsat-8 OLI and Sentinel-2 MSI SensorsPoddar S.; Chacko N.; Swain D.
2017Generation and Validation of two Day Composite Wind Fields from Oceansat-2 ScatterometerBhaskar T.V.S.U.; Jayaram C.; Bansal S.; Mohan K.K.; Swain D.
2017Impact of Rapid Urbanization on the City of Bhubaneswar, IndiaSwain D.; Roberts G.J.; Dash J.; Lekshmi K.; Vinoj V.; Tripathy S.
2016Impact of rapid urbanization on the microclimate of Indian cities: A case study for the city of BhubaneswarSwain D.; Roberts G.J.; Dash J.; Vinoj V.; Lekshmi K.; Tripathy S.
2019Inter-comparison of model, satellite and in situ tropical cyclone heat potential in the North Indian OceanJangir B.; Swain D.; Ghose S.K.; Goyal R.; Bhaskar T.V.S.U.
2015Intercomparison of Geophysical Parameters from SARAL/AltiKa and Jason-2 AltimetersMahesh Kumar U.; Sasamal S.K.; Swain D.; Narendra Reddy N.; Ramanjappa T.
2019Land use and land cover change effect on surface temperature over Eastern IndiaGogoi P.P.; Vinoj V.; Swain D.; Roberts G.; Dash J.; Tripathy S.
2017Oceansat-2 Scatterometer (OSCAT) Wind Fields Over the Global OceansJayaram C.; Udaya Bhaskar T.V.S.; Swain D.; Bansal S.
2018On extracting high-frequency tidal variability from HF radar data in the northwestern Bay of BengalMandal S.; Sil S.; Gangopadhyay A.; Murty T.; Swain D.
2014Polymorphism and phase transformation behavior of solid forms of 4-amino-3,5-dinitrobenzamideReddy J.P.; Swain D.; Pedireddi V.R.
2016Relation between Sonic Layer and Mixed Layer depth in the Arabian SeaUdaya Bhaskar T.V.S.; Swain D.
2016Relation between tropical cyclone heat potential and cyclone intensity in the North Indian OceanJangir B.; Swain D.; Udaya Bhaskar T.V.S.
2015Seasonal and inter-annual variability of sea surface temperature in the North Indian ocean and associated climate change signaturesSwain D.
2015Trends in sea ice extent as observed from microwave remote sensingSwain D.; Jena B.
2015Validation of SARAL/AltiKa significant wave height and wind speed observations over the North Indian OceanKumar U.M.; Swain D.; Sasamal S.K.; Reddy N.N.; Ramanjappa T.