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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Acoustically tunable photonic band gap generation in MgO doped Lithium Niobate micro-dimension platePrakash S.; Sharma G.; Chand Yadav G.; Singh V.
2019Detection of kerosene adulteration in automobile fuel with a novel metal clad planar waveguideYadav G.C.; Prakash S.; Sharma G.; Kumar S.; Singh V.
2011Fiber-optic, LEO-based, communications ringMeulenberg A.; Sharma G.; Wan T.C.
2019Hypersensitive and selective biosensing based on microfiber interferometry and molecular imprinted nanoparticlesShrivastav A.M.; Sharma G.; Jha R.
2018Hypersensitive and Selective Interferometric Nose for Ultratrace Ammonia Detection with Fast Response Utilizing PANI@SnO2 NanocompositeShrivastav A.M.; Sharma G.; Rathore A.S.; Jha R.
2019Non-graphene two-dimensional nanosheets for temperature sensing based on microfiber interferometric platform: Performance analysisSharma G.; Shrivastav A.M.; Kumar A.; Jha R.
2018Performance analysis of a liquid-filled glass prism-coupled metal-clad planar waveguide sensorYadav G.C.; Prakash S.; Sharma G.; Kumar S.; Singh V.
2019Photonic Band Gap Alteration in LiNbO3-SiO2 Based 1D Periodic Multilayered Structure via Plate WavePrakash S.; Sharma G.; Yadav G.C.; Singh V.
2018Study of surface plasmon resonance sensors based on silver�gold nanostructure alloy film coated tapered optical fibersKumar S.; Yadav G.C.; Sharma G.; Singh V.
2018Synthesized Fe3O4 Nanoflowers Coated Microfiber as MagnetometerSharma G.; Shrivastav A.M.; Jana A.; Jha R.
2019Ultra-fast tuning of refractive index in Lithium Niobate slab by GHz acoustic wavePrakash S.; Sharma G.; Singh V.