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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Displacive-type ferroelectricity from magnetic correlations within spin-chainBasu T.; Kishore V.V.R.; Gohil S.; Singh K.; Mohapatra N.; Bhattacharjee S.; Gonde B.; Lalla N.P.; Mahadevan P.; Ghosh S.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2011A first-order magnetic phase transition near 15K with novel magnetic-field-induced effects in Er5Si3Mohapatra N.; Mukherjee K.; Iyer K.K.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2011Isothermal magnetic entropy behavior in Tb5Si3: Sign reversal and non-monotonic variation with temperature, and implicationsMohapatra N.; Das S.D.; Mukherjee K.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2011Low temperature magnetic anomalies in Er5Si3Mohapatra N.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2011Low temperature neutron diffraction studies on Ca3CoMnO 6Rayaprol S.; Kaushik S.D.; Mohapatra N.; Babu P.D.; Siruguri V.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2014Magnetic and dielectric behavior of the spin-chain compound Er2BaNiO5 well below its N´┐Żel temperatureBasu T.; Singh K.; Mohapatra N.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2015Magnetic and magnetodielectric coupling anomalies in the Haldane spin-chain system Nd2BaNiO5Basu T.; Mohapatra N.; Singh K.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2012Magnetic behavior of nano-crystalline ruthenium perovskites, CaRuO 3 and SrRuO3Iyer K.K.; Mohapatra N.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2013Magnetoelectric coupling in the Haldane spin-chain system Dy 2BaNiO5Singh K.; Basu T.; Chowki S.; Mahapotra N.; Iyer K.K.; Paulose P.L.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2012Magnetoresistance and magnetocaloric effect in Er5Si3Mohapatra N.; Mukherjee K.; Iyer K.K.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2014Multiferroicity and magneto-electric effect in Gd2BaNiO 5Chowki S.; Basu T.; Singh K.; Mohapatra N.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2014A reentrant phenomenon in magnetic and dielectric properties of Dy 2BaNiO5 and an intriguing influence of external magnetic fieldBasu T.; Paulose P.; Iyer K.K.; Singh K.; Mohapatra N.; Chowki S.; Gonde B.; Sampathkumaran E.V.