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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019ABEP Performance of AF System Employing QSSK over IoT NetworkSahu H.K.; Sahu P.R.
2014Analysis of M-PSK with MRC receiver over ? - ? fading channels with outdated CSIKumar P.; Sahu P.R.
2014BER performance of switched diversity receivers over K-? And ?-? fading channelsPathak K.; Sahu P.R.
2019Error performance of QAM GFDM waveform with CFO under AWGN and TWDP fading channelNeelam S.G.; Sahu P.R.
2018Error rate and outage of dual-hop DF relay system with selection combining over Rice fadingDixit D.; Sahu P.R.
2019Error Rate of MIMO OSTBC Systems over Mixed Nakagami-m / Rice Fading ChannelsDixit D.; Sahu P.R.; Karagiannidis G.K.
2017Exact Closed-Form ABER for Multi-Hop Regenerative Relay Systems over ?-? FadingDixit D.; Sahu P.R.
2018Impact of symmetric and asymmetric fading channels on dual-hop AF relay system with SSK modulationSahu H.K.; Sahu P.R.
2018Outage probability of cooperative relay networks in ?-?, ?-? And mixed fading channelsDixit D.; Sahu P.R.
2016Performance analysis of DCSK modulation with diversity combining not requiring channel state informationKumar A.; Sahu P.R.; Mishra J.
2019Performance Analysis of DCSK-BDR Systems over Nakagami-m Fading ChannelsKumar A.; Sahu P.R.
2016Performance analysis of differential chaos shift keying modulation with transmit antenna selectionKumar A.; Sahu P.R.
2014Performance analysis of rectangular QAM with SC receiver over Nakagami-fading channelsDixit D.; Sahu P.R.
2017Performance analysis of spatially modulated differential chaos shift keying modulationKumar A.; Sahu P.R.
2016Performance of 'modified switch and examine' diversity combiner over generalized gamma fading channelsManoj B.R.; Mishra J.; Sahu P.R.
2017Performance of dual-hop DF relaying systems with QAM schemes over mixed ?-? and ?-? fading channelsDixit D.; Sahu P.R.
2014Performance of multihop communication systems with regenerative relays in eta-mu fading channelsDixit D.; Sahu P.R.
2018Performance of multihop detect-and-forward relaying system over fluctuating two-ray fading channelsDixit D.; Sahu P.R.
2018Performance of Regenerative Relay-Assisted D2D Communication in Mixed Fading ChannelsDixit D.; Sahu P.R.
2019Quadrature space shift keying performance with dual-hop AF relay over mixed fadingSahu H.K.; Sahu P.R.