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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Controlled Electrochemical Growth of Spinel NiCo2S4 Nanosheets on Nickel Foam for High Performance Supercapacitor ApplicationsSahoo S.; Kumar Naik K.; Sekhar Rout C.
2018Efficient Photoelectrocatalytic Activity of CuWO4 Nanoplates towards the Oxidation of NADH Driven in Visible LightMohanty B.; Naik K.K.; Sahoo S.; Jena B.; Chakraborty B.; Rout C.S.; Jena B.K.
2017Electrochemical synthesis of a ternary transition metal sulfide nanosheets on nickel foam and energy storage applicationSahoo S.; Naik K.K.; Late D.J.; Rout C.S.
2017Electrodeposited Nickel Cobalt Manganese based mixed sulfide nanosheets for high performance supercapacitor applicationSahoo S.; Mondal R.; Late D.J.; Rout C.S.
2015Electrodeposition of spinel MnCo2O4 nanosheets for supercapacitor applicationsSahoo S.; Naik K.K.; Rout C.S.
2018Fabrication and characterization of LaFeO3-BaTiO3 electroceramicsSahoo S.; Das S.; Mahapatra P.K.; Choudhary R.N.P.
2017Facile electrochemical growth of spinel copper cobaltite nanosheets for non-enzymatic glucose sensing and supercapacitor applicationsNaik K.K.; Sahoo S.; Rout C.S.
2016Facile Electrochemical Synthesis of Porous Manganese-Cobalt-Sulfide Based Ternary Transition Metal Sulfide Nanosheets Architectures for High Performance Energy Storage ApplicationsSahoo S.; Rout C.S.
2014Gear fault diagnosis using active noise cancellation and adaptive wavelet transformJena D.P.; Sahoo S.; Panigrahi S.N.
2016Hydrothermal synthesis of CuWO4-reduced graphene oxide hybrids and supercapacitor applicationSamantaray K.S.; Sahoo S.; Rout C.S.
2018Impression creep behaviour of TiB2 particles reinforced steel matrix compositesSahoo S.; Jha B.B.; Mahata T.S.; Sharma J.; Murthy T.S.R.C.; Mandal A.
2018Influence of reinforcement and processing on steel-based composites: Microstructure and mechanical responseSahoo S.; Jha B.B.; Sahoo T.K.; Mandal A.
2019Mechanical and Wear Behaviour of Hot-Pressed 304 stainless Steel Matrix Composites Containing TiB 2 ParticlesSahoo S.; Jha B.B.; Mahata T.; Sharma J.; Murthy T.S.R.C.; Mandal A.
2016Mixed nickel cobalt manganese oxide nanorods for supercapacitor applicationMondal R.; Sahoo S.; Rout C.S.
2016Plasma-treated multilayer graphene: Synthesis and applicationsGelamo R.V.; De S Augusto G.; Machuno L.G.B.; Moshkalev S.; Vaz A.R.; Rout C.S.; Sahoo S.
2015Spinel NiCo2O4 nanorods for supercapacitor applicationsSahoo S.; Ratha S.; Rout C.S.