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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Adaptive super-twisting sliding mode control for a three-phase single-stage grid-connected differential boost inverter based photovoltaic systemPati A.K.; Sahoo N.C.
2014Control scheme for a stand-alone wind energy conversion systemSatpathy A.S.; Kishore N.K.; Kastha D.; Sahoo N.C.
2017Convolution integral based multivariable grey prediction model for solar energy generation forecastingSenapati R.N.; Sahoo N.C.; Mishra S.
2019Demand side management in smart grid: A laboratory-based educational perspectivePattanaik P.A.; Sahoo N.C.; Mishra S.
2017Implementation of demand side management using microcontroller and wireless communicationPattanaik P.A.; Sahoo N.C.; Mishra S.
2017Loss and cost evaluation of typical DC distribution for residential houseSahoo N.C.; Mohapatro S.; Sahu A.K.; Mohapatro B.S.
2013Multi-objective planning of electrical distribution systems using dynamic programmingGanguly S.; Sahoo N.C.; Das D.
2015A novel control architecture for maximum power extraction from the photovoltaic system under partially shaded conditions using current equalization approachPati A.K.; Sahoo N.C.
2019A novel power quality enhancement scheme for three-phase differential boost inverter´┐Żbased grid-connected photovoltaic system with repetitive and feedback linearizing controlPati A.K.; Sahoo N.C.
2016Power quality improvement by feedback linearization control of grid connected three phase boost inverterPati A.K.; Sahoo N.C.
2013Recent advances on power distribution system planning: A state-of-the-art surveyGanguly S.; Sahoo N.C.; Das D.
2014Reliability-constrained Based Optimal Placement and Sizing of Multiple Distributed Generators in Power Distribution Network Using Cat Swarm OptimizationKumar D.; Samantaray S.R.; Kamwa I.; Sahoo N.C.
2016A SoC based voltage control strategy for DC microgridSahoo N.C.; Mohapatro S.; Senapati M.K.