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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Biochar from microwave pyrolysis of rice husk for tertiary wastewater treatment and soil nourishmentShukla N.; Sahoo D.; Remya N.
2017Carbofuran removal in continuous-photocatalytic reactor: Reactor optimization, rate-constant determination and carbofuran degradation pathway analysisVishnuganth M.A.; Remya N.; Kumar M.; Selvaraju N.
2019Comparison of titanium dioxide based catalysts preparation methods in the mineralization and nutrients removal from greywater by solar photocatalysisPriyanka K.; Remya N.; Behera M.
2019Effective reuse of waste material as an amendment in composite landfill liner: Assessment of geotechnical properties and pollutant retention capacityNambiar N.; Remya N.; Varghese G.K.
2017Estimation of effect of sugarcane bagasse biochar amendment in landfill soil cover on geotechnical properties and landfill gas emissionSudhakar A.; Remya N.; Varghese G.K.
2019Experimental investigation of groundwater contamination by surface sources: Determination of adsorption capacity, diffusion, and sorption potential of selected anions in different soilsRemya N.; Roshni T.; Yadav R.R.; Shukla N.
2019Microwave photo-oxidation with diverse oxidants for Congo red degradation: effect of oxidants, degradation pathway and economic analysisShukla N.; Remya N.
2017Optimization of carbofuran degradation in microwave-granular activated carbon system using response surface methodologyRemya N.; Lin J.-G.
2016Photocatalytic degradation of carbofuran by TiO2-coated activated carbon: Model for kinetic, electrical energy per order and economic analysisVishnuganth M.A.; Remya N.; Kumar M.; Selvaraju N.
2019Soft drink industry wastewater treatment in microwave photocatalytic system � Exploration of removal efficiency and degradation mechanismRemya N.; Swain A.