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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Biopolymer amendment for mitigating dispersive characteristics of red mud wasteReddy N.G.; Rao B.H.; Reddy K.R.
2017Characterization of coarse fraction of red mud as a civil engineering construction materialAlam S.; Das S.K.; Rao B.H.
2018Compaction and consolidation behaviour of untreated and treated waste of Indian red mudReddy N.G.; Rao B.H.
2015Correlations between swelling and suction properties of expansive soilsRao B.H.; Sahu R.L.; Das S.K.
2016Determination of Swelling Characteristics Using Soil Water Characteristic Curve ParameterTahasildar J.; Rao B.H.
2018Development of relationships between swelling and suction properties of expansive soilsTahasildar J.; Erzin Y.; Rao B.H.
2016A device to study the simultaneous heat and moisture movement in soilsRao B.H.
2015Environmental geotechnology: An indian perspectiveRajesh S.; Rao B.H.; Sreedeep S.; Arnepalli D.N.
2014Establishment of water retention properties of granite saw dust using ultracentrifugeRao B.H.; Kumar S.; Ghosh S.
2015Influence of aspect ratio on crushing strength characteristics of sand and granite saw dust materialsRao B.H.; Meena R.Ch.; Meena N.; Sahu R.L.
2014A methodology for determining crushing strength of stabilized waste from shear wave velocityRao B.H.; Panda T.
2018Mix design development of fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag based geopolymer concreteReddy M.S.; Dinakar P.; Rao B.H.
2020Neutralization of Red Mud with Organic Acids and Assessment of Their Usefulness in Abating pH ReboundMishra M.C.; Rao B.H.
2016A review of the influence of source material's oxide composition on the compressive strength of geopolymer concreteReddy M.S.; Dinakar P.; Rao B.H.
2019Strength and durability characteristic of alkali activated GGBS stabilized red mud as geo-materialAlam S.; Das S.K.; Rao B.H.