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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Adaptive saliency-weighted obstacle detection for the visually challengedPoddar A.; Ahmed S.T.; Puhan N.B.
2018Automated retinal nerve fiber layer defect detection using fundus imaging in glaucomaPanda R.; Puhan N.B.; Rao A.; Padhy D.; Panda G.
2016BESAC: Binary External Symmetry Axis Constellation for unconstrained handwritten character recognitionDash K.S.; Puhan N.B.; Panda G.
2014Chord oriented gap feature for offline signature verificationKumar M.M.; Puhan N.B.
2014Clustering based image binarization in palm leaf manuscriptsKrishna M.P.; Sriram A.; Puhan N.B.
2019Cross-Spectral Periocular Recognition: A SurveyBehera S.S.; Mandal B.; Puhan N.B.
2018Deep convolutional neural network-based patch classification for retinal nerve fiber layer defect detection in early glaucomaPanda R.; Puhan N.B.; Rao A.; Mandal B.; Padhy D.; Panda G.
2018Deep residual network with regularised fisher framework for detection of melanomaSultana N.N.; Mandal B.; Puhan N.B.
2018DeepPCA Based Objective Function for Melanoma DetectionSultana N.N.; Puhan N.B.; Mandal B.
2014Edge based directional features for English-Bengali Script RecognitionTikader A.; Puhan N.B.
2016Entropy thresholding based microaneurysm detection in fundus imagesDas V.; Puhan N.B.; Panda R.
2017FoodNet: Recognizing Foods Using Ensemble of Deep NetworksPandey P.; Deepthi A.; Mandal B.; Puhan N.B.
2015Gestalt configural superiority effect: A complexity paradigm for handwritten numeral recognitionDash K.S.; Puhan N.B.; Panda G.
2016Global vessel symmetry for optic disc detection in retinal imagesPanda R.; Puhan N.B.; Panda G.
2015Handwritten numeral recognition using non-redundant Stockwell transform and bio-inspired optimal zoningDash K.S.; Puhan N.B.; Panda G.
2018Hardware Design for VLSI Implementation of Acoustic Feedback Canceller in Hearing AidsVasundhara, Mohanty B.K.; Panda G.; Puhan N.B.
2014Hausdorff symmetry operator towards retinal blood vessel segmentationPanda R.; Puhan N.B.; Panda G.
2014Histogram of oriented gradients for English-Bengali script recognitionTikader A.; Puhan N.B.
2014A hybrid feature and discriminant classifier for high accuracy handwritten Odia numeral recognitionDash K.S.; Puhan N.B.; Panda G.
2016An improved block adaptive system for effective feedback cancellation in hearing AIDSVasundhara, Panda G.; Puhan N.B.