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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Ag(I)-catalyzed regioselective ring-opening of N -tosylaziridine and N -tosylazetidine with S -, O -, and N -nucleophiles and tethered dinucleophilesBera M.; Pratihar S.; Roy S.
2012First example of a heterobimetallic 'Pd-Sn' catalyst for direct activation of alcohol: Efficient allylation, benzylation and propargylation of arenes, heteroarenes, active methylenes and allyl-Si nucleophilesDas D.; Pratihar S.; Roy U.K.; Mal D.; Roy S.
2012Heterobimetallic Pd-Sn catalysis: A Suzuki, tandem ring-closing sequence toward indeno[2,1-b]thiophenes and indeno[2,1-b]indolesDas D.; Pratihar S.; Roy S.
2013Heterobimetallic Pd-Sn catalysis: Highly selective intermolecular hydroarylation of ?-methyl substituted aryl alkenesDas D.; Pratihar S.; Roy S.
2013Heterobimetallic Pd-Sn catalysis: Michael addition reaction with C-, N-, O-, and S-nucleophiles and in situ diagnosticsDas D.; Pratihar S.; Roy S.
2017Mercury based drug in ancient India: The red sulfide of mercury in nanoscaleMukhi P.; Mohapatra S.S.; Bhattacharjee M.; Ray K.K.; Muraleedharan T.S.; Arun A.; Sathyavathi R.; Juluri R.R.; Satyam P.V.; Panda A.K.; Biswas A.; Nayak S.; Bojja S.; Pratihar S.; Roy S.
2011Mono cationic palladium(II): Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity in Suzuki couplingPratihar S.; Marek J.; Roy S.
2012A newly developed highly selective ratiometric fluoride ion sensor: Spectroscopic, NMR and density functional studiesMallick A.; Roy U.K.; Haldar B.; Pratihar S.
2011Reactivity and selectivity of organotin reagents in allylation and arylation: Nucleophilicity parameter as a guidePratihar S.; Roy S.