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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Characterization of Different Rainfall Types from Surface Observations Over a Tropical LocationSisodiya A.; Pattnaik S.; Baisya H.
2018Decadal surface temperature trends in India based on a new high-resolution data setRoss R.S.; Krishnamurti T.N.; Pattnaik S.; Pai D.S.
2019Dominant large-scale parameters responsible for diverse extreme rainfall events over vulnerable Odisha state in IndiaSwain M.; Sinha P.; Mohanty U.C.; Pattnaik S.
2018Erratum to: Ramifications of Atmospheric Humidity on Monsoon Depressions over the Indian Subcontinent (Scientific Reports, (2018), 8, 1, (9927), 10.1038/s41598-018-28365-2)Baisya H.; Pattnaik S.; Hazra V.; Sisodiya A.; Rai D.
2019Evaluation of WRF planetary boundary layer parameterization schemes for simulation of monsoon depressions over IndiaRai D.; Pattnaik S.
2014Extended range prediction of active-break spells of Indian summer monsoon rainfall using an ensemble prediction system in NCEP Climate Forecast SystemAbhilash S.; Sahai A.K.; Pattnaik S.; Goswami B.N.; Kumar A.
2016High resolution land surface response of inland moving Indian monsoon depressions over Bay of BengalRajesh P.V.; Pattnaik S.
2019Impact of high resolution sea surface temperature on tropical cyclone characteristics over the Bay of Bengal using model simulationsRai D.; Pattnaik S.; Rajesh P.V.; Hazra V.
2013Influence of convective parameterization on the systematic errors of Climate Forecast System (CFS) model over the Indian monsoon region from an extended range forecast perspectivePattnaik S.; Abhilash S.; De S.; Sahai A.K.; Phani R.; Goswami B.N.
2019Interaction of convective organization with monsoon precipitation, atmosphere, surface and sea: The 2016 INCOMPASS field campaign in IndiaTurner A.G.; Bhat G.S.; Martin G.M.; Parker D.J.; Taylor C.M.; Mitra A.K.; Tripathi S.N.; Milton S.; Rajagopal E.N.; Evans J.G.; Morrison R.; Pattnaik S.; Sekhar M.; Bhattacharya B.K.; Madan R.; Govindankutty M.; Fletcher J.K.; Willetts P.D.; Menon A.; Marsham J.H.; The INCOMPASS team
2017Land surface sensitivity of monsoon depressions formed over Bay of Bengal using improved high-resolution land stateRajesh P.V.; Pattnaik S.; Mohanty U.C.; Rai D.; Baisya H.; Pandey P.C.
2017Land surface-precipitation feedback analysis for a landfalling monsoon depression in the Indian regionBaisya H.; Pattnaik S.; Rajesh P.V.
2013Predictability during active break phases of Indian summer monsoon in an ensemble prediction system using climate forecast systemAbhilash S.; Sahai A.K.; Pattnaik S.; De S.
2018Ramifications of Atmospheric Humidity on Monsoon Depressions over the Indian SubcontinentBaisya H.; Pattnaik S.; Hazra V.; Sisodiya A.; Rai D.
2016Role of land state in a high resolution mesoscale model for simulating the Uttarakhand heavy rainfall event over IndiaRajesh P.V.; Pattnaik S.; Rai D.; Osuri K.K.; Mohanty U.C.; Tripathy S.
2016Sensitivity of tropical cyclone characteristics to the radial distribution of sea surface temperatureRai D.; Pattnaik S.; Rajesh P.V.
2018Sensitivity of Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Structure to Planetary Boundary Layer ParameterizationRai D.; Pattnaik S.
2013Simulation and extended range prediction of monsoon intraseasonal oscillations in NCEP CFS/GFS version 2 frameworkSahai A.K.; Sharmila S.; Abhilash S.; Chattopadhyay R.; Borah N.; Krishna R.P.M.; Joseph S.; Roxy M.; De S.; Pattnaik S.; Pillai P.A.
2019Simulation of location-specific severe thunderstorm events using high resolution land data assimilationSisodiya A.; Pattnaik S.; Baisya H.; Bhat G.S.; Turner A.G.
2019Spatial and temporal variability in energy and water vapour fluxes observed at seven sites on the Indian subcontinent during 2017Bhat G.S.; Morrison R.; Taylor C.M.; Bhattacharya B.K.; Paleri S.; Desai D.; Evans J.G.; Pattnaik S.; Sekhar M.; Nigam R.; Sattar A.; Angadi S.S.; Kacha D.; Patidar A.; Tripathi S.N.; Krishnan K.V.M.; Sisodiya A.