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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Characteristics of observed rainfall over Odisha: An extreme vulnerable zone in the east coast of IndiaSwain M.; Sinha P.; Pattanayak S.; Guhathakurta P.; Mohanty U.C.
2018Characteristics of occurrence of heavy rainfall events over Odisha during summer monsoon seasonSwain M.; Pattanayak S.; Mohanty U.C.
2018Development of extended WRF variational data assimilation system (WRFDA) for WRF non-hydrostatic mesoscale modelPattanayak S.; Mohanty U.C.
2015A great escape from the Bay of Bengal �Super Sapphire�Phailin� tropical cyclone: A case of improved weather forecast and societal response for disaster mitigationMohanty U.C.; Osuri K.K.; Tallapragada V.; Marks F.D.; Pattanayak S.; Mohapatra M.; Rathore L.S.; Gopalakrishnan S.G.; Niyogi D.
2016Introduction to data assimilation techniques and ensemble kalman filterRoutray A.; Osuri K.K.; Pattanayak S.; Mohanty U.C.
2017Observational perspective of SST changes during life cycle of tropical cyclones over Bay of BengalPothapakula P.K.; Osuri K.K.; Pattanayak S.; Mohanty U.C.; Sil S.; Nadimpalli R.
2016Real-time prediction of movement, intensity and storm surge of very severe cyclonic storm Hudhud over Bay of Bengal using high-resolution dynamical modelNadimpalli R.; Osuri K.K.; Pattanayak S.; Mohanty U.C.; Nageswararao M.M.; Kiran Prasad S.
2016Simulation of Storm Surges in the Bay of Bengal Using One-Way Coupling Between NMM-WRF and IITD Storm Surge ModelPattanayak S.; Mohanty U.C.; Rao A.D.
2016The storm surge prediction over Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea: A reviewPattanayak S.; Mohanty U.C.; Dube S.K.
2015A study on the heavy rainfall event around Kedarnath area (Uttarakhand) on 16 June 2013Shekhar M.S.; Pattanayak S.; Mohanty U.C.; Paul S.; Sravana Kumar M.
2016Tropical cyclone research over the north Indian ocean: Impact of data and vortex initialization in high resolution mesoscale modelsMohanty U.C.; Osuri K.K.; Pattanayak S.