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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Aco and Ga based fault-tolerant scheduling of real-time tasks on multiprocessor systems-A comparative studyKumar A.; Panda S.; Pani S.K.; Baghel V.; Panda A.
2015A common and versatile synthetic route to (-) and (+) pentenomycin I, (+) halopentenomycin i and dehydropentenomycinDas S.; Panda A.; Pal S.
2018Determining Approximate Solutions of Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations Using Orthogonal Colliding Bodies OptimizationPanda A.; Pani S.
2013An efficient hybrid adaptive pulse compression approach to radar detectionBaghel V.; Panda A.; Panda G.
2014Highly regio- and diastereoselective, acidic clay supported intramolecular nitrile oxide-alkene cycloaddition on d-ribose derived nitriles: An efficient synthetic route to isoxazoline fused five and six membered carbocyclesPanda A.; Das S.; Pal S.
2017Improved Identification of Hammerstein plant using a non-linear model trained with symbiotic organisms searchPanda A.; Pani S.
2015Lead tetraacetate mediated one pot oxidative cleavage and acetylation reaction: an approach to apio and homologated apio pyrimidine nucleosides and their anticancer activityPanda A.; Islam S.; Santra M.K.; Pal S.
2016Multi-objective colliding bodies optimizationPanda A.; Pani S.
2015A new model based on Colliding Bodies Optimization for identification of Hammerstein plantPanda A.; Pani S.
2016Novel homologated-apio adenosine derivatives as A3 adenosine receptor agonists: Design, synthesis and molecular docking studiesPanda A.; Satpati S.; Dixit A.; Pal S.
2018An orthogonal parallel symbiotic organism search algorithm embodied with augmented Lagrange multiplier for solving constrained optimization problemsPanda A.; Pani S.
2019An orthogonal symbiotic organisms search algorithm to determine approximate solution of systems ofordinary differential equationsPanda A.; Pani S.
2016A Symbiotic Organisms Search algorithm with adaptive penalty function to solve multi-objective constrained optimization problemsPanda A.; Pani S.
2018Synthesis and anticancer properties of novel truncated carbocyclic nucleoside analoguesSivakrishna B.; Islam S.; Panda A.; Saranya M.; Santra M.K.; Pal S.
2016A unified and common intermediate strategy for the asymmetric total synthesis of 3-deoxy-neo-inositol and conduritol EPanda A.; Biswas R.G.; Pal S.
2016A WNN model trained with orthogonal colliding bodies optimization for accurate identification of hammerstein plantPanda A.; Pani S.