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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An approach of fuzzy and TOPSIS to bi-level multi-objective nonlinear fractional programming problemNayak S.; Ojha A.
2016An approach to solve multi-objective linear fractional programming problemNayak S.; Ojha A.K.
2014Assessing tsunami vulnerability of structures designed for seismic loadingNayak S.; Reddy M.H.O.; Madhavi R.; Dutta S.C.
2014A critical review of retrofitting methods for unreinforced masonry structuresBhattacharya S.; Nayak S.; Dutta S.C.
2018Electron Transfer Directed Antibacterial Properties of Graphene Oxide on MetalsPanda S.; Rout T.K.; Prusty A.D.; Ajayan P.M.; Nayak S.
2015Generating Pareto Optimal Solutions of Multi-Objective LFPP with Interval Coefficients Using ?-Constraint MethodNayak S.; Ojha A.
2015Goal attainment method and Taylor series approximation to solve multi-objective linear fractional programming problemNayak S.; Ojha A.K.
2016Improving Resistance of Masonry Structures to Tsunami LoadingRevanth D.; Akshay B.; Nayak S.; Dutta S.C.
2016Improving Seismic Performance of Masonry Structures with Openings by Polypropylene Bands and L-Shaped Reinforcing BarsNayak S.; Dutta S.C.
2013Investigation of ripple-limited low-field mobility in large-scale graphene nanoribbonsLuisier M.; Boykin T.B.; Ye Z.; Martini A.; Klimeck G.; Kharche N.; Jiang X.; Nayak S.
2014Lateral period and seismic vulnerability of masonry buildingsChandra Dutta S.; Nayak S.; Dinakar P.
2018Mechanistic Insight into Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Activity of Ultrathin Hexagonal Boron Nitride-Modified Pt ElectrodesGuha A.; Veettil Vineesh T.; Sekar A.; Narayanaru S.; Sahoo M.; Nayak S.; Chakraborty S.; Narayanan T.N.
2017Mercury based drug in ancient India: The red sulfide of mercury in nanoscaleMukhi P.; Mohapatra S.S.; Bhattacharjee M.; Ray K.K.; Muraleedharan T.S.; Arun A.; Sathyavathi R.; Juluri R.R.; Satyam P.V.; Panda A.K.; Biswas A.; Nayak S.; Bojja S.; Pratihar S.; Roy S.
2019Multi-objective linear fractional programming problem with fuzzy parametersNayak S.; Ojha A.K.
2018Polyvinyl Chloride Reinforced with Areca Sheath Fiber Composites´┐ŻAn Experimental StudyNayak S.; Mohanty J.R.; Samal P.R.; Nanda B.K.
2018Probing potential Li-ion battery electrolyte through first principles simulation of atomic clustersKushwaha A.K.; Sahoo M.R.; Nayak S.
2018A solution approach to multi-level nonlinear fractional programming problemNayak S.; Ojha A.K.
2019Solution approach to multi-objective linear fractional programming problem using parametric functionsNayak S.; Ojha A.K.
2018Study of electronic and magnetic properties of h-BN on Ni surfaces: A DFT approachSahoo M.R.; Sahu S.; Kushwaha A.K.; Nayak S.