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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Antiferromagnetic super-spin freezing with partial charge and magnetic order in LiMn2O4Chowki S.; Rayaprol S.; Mohapatra N.
2017Cobalt substitution induced magnetodielectric enhancement in multiferroic Bi2Fe4O9Mohapatra S.R.; Vishwakarma P.N.; Kaushik S.D.; Choudhary R.J.; Mohapatra N.; Singh A.K.
2015Coexistence of spin glass type freezing and cooperative paramagnetic state in S r3MnTi O7Chowki S.; Rayaprol S.; Mukhopadhyay A.; Mohapatra N.
2016Dielectric response of double layered perovskite Sr3MnTiO7Chowki S.; Sahu B.; Singh A.K.; Mohapatra N.
2014Displacive-type ferroelectricity from magnetic correlations within spin-chainBasu T.; Kishore V.V.R.; Gohil S.; Singh K.; Mohapatra N.; Bhattacharjee S.; Gonde B.; Lalla N.P.; Mahadevan P.; Ghosh S.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2016Effect of copper on the magnetism of half doped bilayer manganiteBhatia S.N.; Mohapatra N.
2014Effect of fe doping on optical and magnetic properties of ZnO nanorodsBehera A.K.; Mohapatra N.; Chatterjee S.
2017Effect of grain size on electric transport and magnetic behavior of strontium hexaferrite (SrFe12O19)Sahu P.; Tripathy S.N.; Pattanayak R.; Muduli R.; Mohapatra N.; Panigrahi S.
2018Electrical transport properties of ternary half-Heusler, LaPdSbMukhopadhyay A.; Mohapatra N.
2019Electronic, thermal and magneto-transport properties of the half-Heusler, DyPdBiMukhopadhyay A.; Lakshminarasimhan N.; Mohapatra N.
2011A first-order magnetic phase transition near 15K with novel magnetic-field-induced effects in Er5Si3Mohapatra N.; Mukherjee K.; Iyer K.K.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2011Isothermal magnetic entropy behavior in Tb5Si3: Sign reversal and non-monotonic variation with temperature, and implicationsMohapatra N.; Das S.D.; Mukherjee K.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2019Light Emitting Spin Active Electronic States in Ultra-Thin Mn Doped CdSe Layered NanosheetsHalder O.; Satpati B.; Rajput P.; Mohapatra N.; Jha S.N.; Suffczy?ski J.; Pacuski W.; Rath S.
2016Long-range antiferromagnetic order and possible field induced spin-flop transition in BiMnVO5Chowki S.; Kumar R.; Mohapatra N.; Mahajan A.V.
2011Low temperature magnetic anomalies in Er5Si3Mohapatra N.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2016Low temperature magnetic properties of DyPdBiMukhopadhyay A.; Chowki S.; Mohapatra N.
2011Low temperature neutron diffraction studies on Ca3CoMnO 6Rayaprol S.; Kaushik S.D.; Mohapatra N.; Babu P.D.; Siruguri V.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2014Magnetic and dielectric behavior of the spin-chain compound Er2BaNiO5 well below its N�el temperatureBasu T.; Singh K.; Mohapatra N.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2015Magnetic and magnetodielectric coupling anomalies in the Haldane spin-chain system Nd2BaNiO5Basu T.; Mohapatra N.; Singh K.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2017Magnetic and transport properties of half-Heuslers, RPdSb (R�=�Gd and Tb)Mukhopadhyay A.; Lakshminarasimhan N.; Mohapatra N.