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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018AOMH-MISO Based PV-VCI Irrigation System Using ASCIM PumpTomar A.; Mishra S.; Bhende C.N.
2018Changes in the distribution of Uvigerinidae species over the past 775?kyr: Implications for the paleoceanographic evolution of the Japan SeaDas M.; Singh R.K.; Vats N.; Holbourn A.; Mishra S.; Farooq S.H.; Pandey D.K.
2017Convolution integral based multivariable grey prediction model for solar energy generation forecastingSenapati R.N.; Sahoo N.C.; Mishra S.
2019Demand side management in smart grid: A laboratory-based educational perspectivePattanaik P.A.; Sahoo N.C.; Mishra S.
2017Implementation of demand side management using microcontroller and wireless communicationPattanaik P.A.; Sahoo N.C.; Mishra S.
2016Improving the performance of PV based water pumping system for fluctuations in irradianceTomar A.; Mishra S.; Bhende C.N.
2017Modelling a droop controlled multi PV inverter system to study effects of system parameters on oscillatory modesFirdaus A.; Mishra S.; Bhende C.N.
2017Modified MISO DC-DC converter based PV water pumping systemTomar A.; Mishra S.; Bhende C.N.
2019Occurrence of More Heat Waves Over the Central East Coast of India in the Recent Warming EraNageswararao M.M.; Sinha P.; Mohanty U.C.; Mishra S.
2019Optimal Power Flow Management and Control of Grid Connected Photovoltaic-Battery SystemBhende C.N.; Panda S.; Mishra S.; Narayanan A.; Kaipia T.; Partanen J.
2011Permanent magnet synchronous generator-based standalone wind energy supply systemBhende C.N.; Mishra S.; Malla S.G.
2011Photovoltaic based water pumping systemMalla S.G.; Bhende C.N.; Mishra S.
2017Techno-economical analysis for PV based water pumping system under partial shading/mismatching phenomenaTomar A.; Mishra S.; Bhende C.N.
2011Use of multiple change detection in pattern recognition using relevant vector machine and moving sum average filterMishra S.; Panda G.; Biswal B.
2011Wind power forecasting model using complex wavelet theoryMishra S.; Sharma A.; Panda G.