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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Automated ECG noise detection and classification system for unsupervised healthcare monitoringSatija U.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan M.S.
2018An automated ECG signal quality assessment method for unsupervised diagnostic systemsSatija U.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan M.S.
2014An automated method for detecting systolic peaks from arterial blood pressure signalsRaju D.S.; Manikandan M.S.; Barathram R.
2019Automatic Audio Event Recognition Schemes for Context-Aware Audio Computing DevicesSoni S.; Dey S.; Manikandan M.S.
2018Automatic Identification of S1 and S2 Heart Sounds Using Simultaneous PCG and PPG RecordingsBabu K.A.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan M.S.
2018Blind Impulse Estimation and Removal Using Sparse Signal Decomposition Framework for OFDM SystemsDutta T.; Satija U.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan M.S.
2019Design of a Real-Time Automatic Source Monitoring Framework Based on Sound Source LocalizationDey S.; Boppu S.; Manikandan M.S.
2015Detection and classification of power quality disturbances using sparse signal decomposition on hybrid dictionariesManikandan M.S.; Samantaray S.R.; Kamwa I.
2018Detection of Epileptic Seizure Event in EEG Signals Using Variational Mode Decomposition and Mode Spectral EntropyDas P.; Manikandan M.S.; Ramkumar B.
2016Detection of life-threatening arrhythmias using random noise and zerocrossing informationPrabhakararao E.; Manikandan M.S.
2018Detection of voltage variation events using variational mode decompositionAchlerkar P.D.; Samantaray S.R.; Manikandan M.S.
2014Development of a novel narrowband active noise controller in presence of sensor errorKukde R.; Manikandan M.S.; Panda G.
2015Digital modulation classification under non-Gaussian noise using sparse signal decomposition and maximum likelihoodMohanty M.; Satija U.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan M.S.
2018Effective Glottal Instant Detection and Electroglottographic Parameter Extraction for Automated Voice Pathology AssessmentDeshpande P.S.; Manikandan M.S.
2017Effective systolic peak detection algorithm using variational mode decomposition and center of gravityVadrevu S.; Manikandan M.S.
2016Efficient and robust ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation detection method for wearable cardiac health monitoring devicesPrabhakararao E.; Manikandan M.S.
2017Elimination of impulsive disturbances from archive audio signals using sparse representation in mixed dictionariesManikandan M.S.; Yadav A.K.; Ghosh D.
2019Empirical Wavelet Transform Based Lung Sound Removal from Phonocardiogram Signal for Heart Sound SegmentationBabu K.A.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan M.S.
2015Improving accuracy of glottal closure instant detection methods in nonstationary noiseDeshpande P.S.; Manikandan M.S.
2018Integrated Data Compression and Pulse Rate Extraction Scheme Using Differential Coding for Wireless PPG Monitoring DevicesReddy G.N.K.; Manikandan M.S.; Murty N.V.L.N.