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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Characteristics and evolution of a coastal mesoscale eddy in the Western Bay of Bengal monitored by high-frequency radarsMandal S.; Sil S.; Pramanik S.; Arunraj K.S.; Jena B.K.
2018Comparative Analysis of SCATSat-1 Gridded Winds with Buoys, ASCAT, and ECMWF Winds in the Bay of BengalMandal S.; Sil S.; Shee A.; Swain D.; Pandey P.C.
2018On extracting high-frequency tidal variability from HF radar data in the northwestern Bay of BengalMandal S.; Sil S.; Gangopadhyay A.; Murty T.; Swain D.
2020On the nature of tidal asymmetry in the Gulf of Khambhat, Arabian Sea using HF radar surface currentsMandal S.; Sil S.; Gangopadhyay A.; Jena B.K.; Venkatesan R.
2019Role of interannual equatorial forcing on the subsurface temperature dipole in the Bay of Bengal during IOD and ENSO eventsPramanik S.; Sil S.; Mandal S.; Dey D.; Shee A.
2019Statistical analysis of coastal currents from HF radar along the north-western bay of BengalMandal S.; Pramanik S.; Halder S.; Sil S.
2019Tidal circulation studies using regional model in the bay of BengalPramanik S.; Mandal S.; Shee A.; Halder S.; Sil S.
2020Tide-current-eddy interaction: A seasonal study using high frequency radar observations along the western Bay of Bengal near 16´┐ŻNMandal S.; Sil S.; Gangopadhyay A.
2018Upper Ocean and Subsurface Variability in the Bay of Bengal During Cyclone ROANU: A Synergistic View Using In Situ and Satellite ObservationsMandal S.; Sil S.; Shee A.; Venkatesan R.