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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Comparative performance study of wore segmentation techniques for handwritten Odia documentsPradhan A.; Behera S.; Panda G.; Majhi B.
2017Constrained LMMSE-based object-specific reconstruction in compressive sensingTripathy S.R.; Panda G.; Majhi B.
2014Development of robust distributed learning strategies for wireless sensor networks using rank based normsSahoo U.K.; Panda G.; Mulgrew B.; Majhi B.
2013Distributed and robust parameter estimation of IIR systems using incremental particle swarm optimizationMajhi B.; Panda G.
2013Distributed DOA estimation using clustering of sensor nodes and diffusion PSO algorithmPanigrahi T.; Panda G.; Mulgrew B.; Majhi B.
2014Forecasting of currency exchange rates using an adaptive ARMA model with differential evolution based trainingRout M.; Majhi B.; Majhi R.; Panda G.
2011IIR system identification using cat swarm optimizationPanda G.; Pradhan P.M.; Majhi B.
2017An improved approach for prediction of Parkinson's disease using machine learning techniquesChalla K.N.R.; Pagolu V.S.; Panda G.; Majhi B.
2012Improved portfolio optimization combining multiobjective evolutionary computing algorithm and prediction strategyMishra S.K.; Panda G.; Majhi B.; Majhi R.
2011Maximum likelihood DOA estimation in distributed wireless sensor network using adaptive particle swarm optimizationPanigrahi T.; Hanumantharao A.D.; Panda G.; Majhi B.; Mulgrew B.
2013Maximum likelihood source localisation in wireless sensor network using particle swarm optimisationPanigrahi T.; Panda G.; Majhi B.
2012Multiobjective cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio using cat swarm optimizationPradhan P.M.; Panda G.; Majhi B.
2012New robust forecasting models for exchange rates predictionMajhi B.; Rout M.; Majhi R.; Panda G.; Fleming P.J.
2011Novel stock market prediction using a hybrid model of adptive linear combiner and differential evolutionRout M.; Majhi B.; Majhi R.; Panda G.
2014On the development and performance evaluation of a multiobjective GA-based RBF adaptive model for the prediction of stock indicesMajhi B.; Rout M.; Baghel V.
2018On the Linear Antenna Array Synthesis Techniques for Sum and Difference Patterns Using Flower Pollination AlgorithmChakravarthy V.V.S.S.S.; Chowdary P.S.R.; Panda G.; Anguera J.; And�jar A.; Majhi B.
2016Prediction based mean-variance model for constrained portfolio assets selection using multiobjective evolutionary algorithmsMishra S.K.; Panda G.; Majhi B.
2012QR-based incremental minimum-Wilcoxon-norm strategies for distributed wireless sensor networksSahoo U.K.; Panda G.; Mulgrew B.; Majhi B.
2014Robust incremental adaptive strategies for distributed networks to handle outliers in both input and desired dataSahoo U.K.; Panda G.; Mulgrew B.; Majhi B.
2017Sentiment analysis of Twitter data for predicting stock market movementsPagolu V.S.; Reddy K.N.; Panda G.; Majhi B.