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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Capillary Displacement of Viscous Liquids in Geometries with Axial VariationsBudaraju A.; Phirani J.; Kondaraju S.; Bahga S.S.
2016Engineering droplet navigation through tertiary-junction microchannelsBaig M.; Jain S.; Gupta S.; Vignesh G.; Singh V.; Kondaraju S.; Gupta S.
2018Enhanced thermal performance of micro heat pipes through optimization of wettability gradientSingh M.; Datla N.V.; Kondaraju S.; Bahga S.S.
2017Enhancement of thermal performance of micro heat pipes using wettability gradientsSingh M.; Kondaraju S.; Bahga S.S.
2018Hybrid quasi-steady thermal lattice Boltzmann model for studying the rheology of surfactants contaminated emulsionsHasan W.F.; Farhat H.; Kondaraju S.; Singh T.
2018Mathematical model for dropwise condensation on a surface with wettability gradientSingh M.; Kondaraju S.; Bahga S.S.
2017Membrane-less variable focus liquid lens with manual actuationPatra R.; Agarwal S.; Kondaraju S.; Bahga S.S.
2019Modeling and Simulation of Dropwise Condensation: A ReviewSingh M.; Pawar N.D.; Kondaraju S.; Bahga S.S.
2017Molecular dynamics study of the nanosized droplet spreading: The effect of the contact line forces on the kinetic energy dissipationYoon H.M.; Kondaraju S.; Lee J.S.; Suh Y.; Lee J.H.; Lee J.S.
2018Optimization of wettability gradient for enhancement of thermal performance of micro heat pipesSingh M.; Datla N.V.; Bahga S.S.; Kondaraju S.
2019Study of Microdroplet Growth on Homogeneous and Patterned Surfaces Using Lattice Boltzmann ModelingPawar N.D.; Kale S.R.; Bahga S.S.; Farhat H.; Kondaraju S.
2019Symmetric and asymmetric coalescence of droplets on a solid surface in the inertia-dominated regimePawar N.D.; Bahga S.S.; Kale S.R.; Kondaraju S.