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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Design of ZVS based high gain DC-DC converter for PV applicationsAnurag M.B.; Thrinath G.S.; Karanki S.B.; Yallamili R.
2018Harmonics Mitigation of Single-Phase Modified Source Switched Multilevel Inverter Topology Using OHSW-PWM TechniqueKar P.K.; Priyadashi A.; Karanki S.B.
2017An inductor-less bidirectional DC-DC converter topology for high voltage gain applicationsPriyadarshi A.; Kar P.K.; Karanki S.B.
2018A modified single phase H-bridge multilevel inverter topology for photovoltaic applicationsKar P.K.; Priyadarshi A.; Karanki S.B.
2017Optimal capacity and placement of battery energy storage systems for integrating renewable energy sources in distribution systemKaranki S.B.; Xu D.
2018PV supported unified power quality conditioner using space vector pulse width modulationGhosh S.C.; Karanki S.B.
2018Renewable Energy Resources Integration to Grid with Improved Power Quality Capabilities and Optimal Power FlowsRaviteja K.; Kar P.K.; Karanki S.B.
2019Selective harmonics elimination using whale optimisation algorithm for a single-phase-modified source switched multilevel inverterKar P.K.; Priyadarshi A.; Karanki S.B.
2019A Single Input DC Source Boost Multilevel Inverter for Renewable Energy ApplicationsPriyadarshi A.; Kumar Kar P.; Karanki S.B.
2019Switched capacitor based high gain DC-DC converter topology for multiple voltage conversion ratios with reduced output impedancePriyadarshi A.; Kar P.K.; Karanki S.B.
2020A wide load range ZVS high voltage gain hybrid DC-DC boost converter based on diode-capacitor voltage multiplier circuitPriyadarshi A.; Kar P.K.; Karanki S.B.