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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Assessing tsunami vulnerability of structures designed for seismic loadingNayak S.; Reddy M.H.O.; Madhavi R.; Dutta S.C.
2013Augmenting strength of collapsed unreinforced masonry junctions: Principal damage feature of walls damaged by moderate Indian earthquakesDutta S.C.; Mukhopadhyay P.; Goswami K.
2018Base Isolation Versus Dual Design Philosophy for Seismic Design of Buildings: Preliminary Case StudyKarmakar S.; Kumar S.; Dutta S.C.; Hussain A.
2014A case study on the P-D effect on inelastic seismic behaviour of a bridge pierDutta S.C.; Das S.
2014A critical review of retrofitting methods for unreinforced masonry structuresBhattacharya S.; Nayak S.; Dutta S.C.
2013Effect of bidirectional interaction on seismic demand of structuresDutta S.C.; Kunnath S.K.
2012Effect of gravity loading on inelastic seismic demand of structuresDutta S.C.; Chowdhury R.
2015Effect of raft and pile stiffness on seismic response of soil-piled raft-structure systemSaha R.; Dutta S.C.; Haldar S.
2016Improving Resistance of Masonry Structures to Tsunami LoadingRevanth D.; Akshay B.; Nayak S.; Dutta S.C.
2016Improving Seismic Performance of Masonry Structures with Openings by Polypropylene Bands and L-Shaped Reinforcing BarsNayak S.; Dutta S.C.
2014Inelastic seismic behavior of soil-pile raft-structure system under bi-directional ground motionDutta S.C.; Saha R.; Haldar S.
2015Influence of dynamic soil-pile raft-structure interaction: an experimental approachSaha R.; Haldar S.; Dutta S.C.
2015Investigating compressive and cleavage strengths of an Indian Bamboo speciesMukhopadhyay P.; Dutta S.C.
2012Lateral capacity of piles in layered soil : A simple approachMandal B.; Roy R.; Dutta S.C.
2012Performance of seismically designed buildings under blast loadingDutta S.C.; Roy R.
2011Seismic demand of low-rise multistory systems with general asymmetryDutta S.C.; Roy R.
2015Seismic response of soil-pile raft-structure systemSaha R.; Dutta S.C.; Haldar S.