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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Adhesive hydrophobicity of Cu2O nano-columnar arrays induced by nitrogen ion irradiationDhal S.; Chatterjee S.; Manju U.; Tribedi L.C.; Thulasiram K.V.; Fernandez W.A.; Chatterjee S.
2017Discrete Single Crystalline Titanium Oxide Nanoparticle Formation from a Two-Dimensional Nanowelded NetworkDhal S.; Chatterjee S.; Facsko S.; M�ller W.; B�ttger R.; Satpati B.; Ratha S.; H�bner R.
2015Effect of irradiation with argon ions on elastic scattering of spin-polarized electrons from W(110) surfaceDhal S.; Chatterjee S.; Samarin S.; Williams J.F.; Giebels F.; Gollisch H.; Feder R.
2015Nano-welding and junction formation in hydrogen titanate nanowires by low-energy nitrogen ion irradiationDhal S.; Chatterjee S.; Sarkar S.; Tribedi L.C.; Bapat R.; Ayyub P.
2017Observation of grain size effect on multiferroism and magnetoelectric coupling of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 � BaFe12O19 novel composite systemPattanayak R.; Kuila S.; Raut S.; Ghosh S.P.; Dhal S.; Panigrahi S.
2017Superhydrophobic to hydrophilic transition of multi-walled carbon nanotubes induced by Na+ ion irradiationDas P.; Dhal S.; Ghosh S.; Chatterjee S.; Rout C.S.; Ramgir N.; Chatterjee S.
2018Superior electrical conduction of a water repelling 3D interconnected nano-networkDhal S.; Das P.; Rajbhar M.K.; Chatterjee S.; M�ller W.; Chatterjee S.; Ramgir N.
2017Welding of copper oxide nanocolumns by ion irradiation: Transition from hydrophilic to hydrophobic surfaceDhal S.; Chatterjee S.; Chatterjee S.