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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Alkyl chain-modified cyclometalated iridium complexes as tunable anticancer and imaging agentsLaha P.; De U.; Chandra F.; Dehury N.; Khullar S.; Kim H.S.; Patra S.
2018Cyclometallated imidazo-phenanthroline iridium complexes and their anticancer activityGarg P.; De U.; Dehury N.; Kim H.S.; Patra S.
2016Cyclometallated iridium complexes inducing paraptotic cell death like natural products: Synthesis, structure and mechanistic aspectsTripathy S.K.; De U.; Dehury N.; Laha P.; Panda M.K.; Kim H.S.; Patra S.
2016A dinuclear [{(: P -cym)RuIICl}2(?-bpytz-)]+ complex bridged by a radical anion: Synthesis, spectroelectrochemical, EPR and theoretical investigation (bpytz = 3,6-bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazolyl)1,2,4,5-tetrazine; P -cym = p -cymene)Tripathy S.K.; Van Der Meer M.; Sahoo A.; Laha P.; Dehury N.; Plebst S.; Sarkar B.; Samanta K.; Patra S.
2014Dinuclear [{(p-cym)RuCl}2(?-phpy)](PF6)2 and heterodinuclear [(ppy)2Ir(?-phpy)Ru(p-cym)Cl](PF6)2 complexes: Synthesis, structure and anticancer activityTripathy S.K.; De U.; Dehury N.; Pal S.; Kim H.S.; Patra S.
2016Dinuclear Tetrapyrazolyl Palladium Complexes Exhibiting Facile Tandem Transfer Hydrogenation/Suzuki Coupling Reaction of FluoroarylketoneDehury N.; Maity N.; Tripathy S.K.; Basset J.-M.; Patra S.
2014Facile tandem Suzuki coupling/transfer hydrogenation reaction with a bis-heteroscorpionate Pd-Ru complexDehury N.; Tripathy S.K.; Sahoo A.; Maity N.; Patra S.
2017Long-Lived Polypyridyl Based Mononuclear Ruthenium Complexes: Synthesis, Structure, and Azo Dye DecompositionSingha K.; Laha P.; Chandra F.; Dehury N.; Koner A.L.; Patra S.
2015A porous trimetallic Au@Pd@Ru nanoparticle system: Synthesis, characterisation and efficient dye degradation and removalSahoo A.; Tripathy S.K.; Dehury N.; Patra S.
2018Preparation and mechanistic aspect of natural xanthone functionalized gold nanoparticlePatra N.; Dehury N.; Pal A.; Behera A.; Patra S.
2015Synthesis, characterisation and antibacterial activity of [(p-cym)RuX(L)]+/2+ (X = Cl, H2O; L = bpmo, bpms) complexesTripathy S.K.; Taviti A.C.; Dehury N.; Sahoo A.; Pal S.; Beuria T.K.; Patra S.