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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Cement-Flyash stabilisation of granular lateritic soil for use in flexible pavementBiswal D.R.; Dash S.R.; Sahoo U.C.
2016Characterization of granular lateritic soils as pavement materialBiswal D.R.; Sahoo U.C.; Dash S.R.
2017Construction of simplified design p�y curves for liquefied soilsLombardi D.; Dash S.R.; Bhattacharya S.; Ibraim E.; Muirwood D.; Taylor C.A.
2019Durability and shrinkage studies of cement stabilsed granular lateritic soilsBiswal D.R.; Sahoo U.C.; Dash S.R.
2019Effect of Field Bends on the Response of Buried Pipelines Crossing Strike-Slip FaultNair G.S.; Dash S.R.; Mondal G.
2020Fatigue Characteristics of Cement-Stabilized Granular Lateritic SoilsBiswal D.R.; Sahoo U.C.; Dash S.R.
2018Mechanical characteristics of cement stabilised granular lateritic soils for use as structural layer of pavementBiswal D.R.; Sahoo U.C.; Dash S.R.
2018Non-destructive strength and stiffness evaluation of cement-stabilised granular lateritic soilsBiswal D.R.; Sahoo U.C.; Dash S.R.
2015Pore water pressure generation and dissipation near to pile and far-field in liquefiable soilsDash S.R.; Bhattacharya S.
2019Response of Pile Foundation in Alternate Liquefying and Non-liquefying Layers in Spreading GroundHuded P.M.; Dash S.R.
2018Review of Pipeline Performance during Earthquakes since 1906Nair G.S.; Dash S.R.; Mondal G.
2019Seismicity of Odisha (An eastern state of Indian peninsula): A comprehensive deterministic seismic hazard studyPraveen H.M.; Dash S.R.
2015State of art of modeling of soil-pile interaction in liquefiable soilsBandyopadhyay P.; Dash S.R.; Haldar S.
2013Winkler Springs (p-y curves) for pile design from stress-strain of soils: FE assessment of scaling coefficients using the Mobilized Strength Design conceptAmar Bouzid D.; Bhattacharya S.; Dash S.R.