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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Acetylation of ?A-crystallin in the human lens: Effects on structure and chaperone functionNagaraj R.H.; Nahomi R.B.; Shanthakumar S.; Linetsky M.; Padmanabha S.; Pasupuleti N.; Wang B.; Santhoshkumar P.; Panda A.K.; Biswas A.
2014Acetylation of Gly1 and Lys2 promotes aggregation of human ?d-crystallinDimauro M.A.; Nandi S.K.; Raghavan C.T.; Kar R.K.; Wang B.; Bhunia A.; Nagaraj R.H.; Biswas A.
2013Acetylation of lysine 92 improves the chaperone and anti-apoptotic activities of human ?b-crystallinNahomi R.B.; Huang R.; Nandi S.K.; Wang B.; Padmanabha S.; Santhoshkumar P.; Filipek S.; Biswas A.; Nagaraj R.H.
2011Biophysical studies on the molecular chaperone function, structure and interaction of eye lens protein ?-crystallin - A ReviewBiswas A.; Karmakar S.; Banerjee V.; Saha S.; Kundu M.; Bhattacharyya J.; Konar D.C.; Das K.P.
2017The C-terminal extension of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Hsp16.3 regulates its oligomerization, subunit exchange dynamics and chaperone functionPanda A.K.; Chakraborty A.; Nandi S.K.; Kaushik A.; Biswas A.
2016Conformational perturbation, hydrophobic interactions and oligomeric association are responsible for the enhanced chaperone function of: Mycobacterium leprae HSP18 under pre-thermal conditionNandi S.K.; Chakraborty A.; Panda A.K.; Biswas A.
2019Depicting the DNA binding and photo-nuclease ability of anti-mycobacterial drug rifampicin: A biophysical and molecular docking perspectiveChakraborty A.; Panda A.K.; Ghosh R.; Roy I.; Biswas A.
2016Differential role of arginine mutations on the structure and functions of ?-crystallinPanda A.K.; Nandi S.K.; Chakraborty A.; Nagaraj R.H.; Biswas A.
2019DNA minor groove binding of a well known anti-mycobacterial drug dapsone: A spectroscopic, viscometric and molecular docking studyChakraborty A.; Panda A.K.; Ghosh R.; Biswas A.
2015Evaluation of the cell cytotoxicity and DNA/BSA binding and cleavage activity of some dioxidovanadium(V) complexes containing aroylhydrazonesDash S.P.; Panda A.K.; Pasayat S.; Majumder S.; Biswas A.; Kaminsky W.; Mukhopadhyay S.; Bhutia S.K.; Dinda R.
2018Evidences for zinc (II) and copper (II) ion interactions with Mycobacterium leprae HSP18: Effect on its structure and chaperone functionNandi S.K.; Chakraborty A.; Panda A.K.; Kar R.K.; Bhunia A.; Biswas A.
2012Hydroimidazolone modification of the conserved Arg12 in small heat shock proteins: Studies on the structure and chaperone function using mutant mimicsNagaraj R.H.; Panda A.K.; Shanthakumar S.; Santhoshkumar P.; Pasupuleti N.; Wang B.; Biswas A.
2016Interaction of ?-crystallin with some small molecules and its effect on its structure and functionBiswas A.; Karmakar S.; Chowdhury A.; Das K.P.
2017Mercury based drug in ancient India: The red sulfide of mercury in nanoscaleMukhi P.; Mohapatra S.S.; Bhattacharjee M.; Ray K.K.; Muraleedharan T.S.; Arun A.; Sathyavathi R.; Juluri R.R.; Satyam P.V.; Panda A.K.; Biswas A.; Nayak S.; Bojja S.; Pratihar S.; Roy S.
2011Mesohaem substitution reveals how haem electronic properties can influence the kinetic and catalytic parameters of neuronal NO synthaseTejero J.; Biswas A.; Haque M.M.; Wang Z.-Q.; Hemann C.; Varnado C.L.; Novince Z.; Hille R.; Goodwin D.C.; Stuehr D.J.
2017Monomeric and Dimeric Oxidomolybdenum(V and VI) Complexes, Cytotoxicity, and DNA Interaction Studies: Molybdenum Assisted C=N Bond Cleavage of Salophen LigandsMajumder S.; Pasayat S.; Panda A.K.; Dash S.P.; Roy S.; Biswas A.; Varma M.E.; Joshi B.N.; Garribba E.; Kausar C.; Patra S.K.; Kaminsky W.; Crochet A.; Dinda R.
2015Oxidovanadium(v) complexes of aroylhydrazones incorporating heterocycles: synthesis, characterization and study of DNA binding, photo-induced DNA cleavage and cytotoxic activitiesDash S.P.; Panda A.K.; Pasayat S.; Dinda R.; Biswas A.; Tiekink E.R.T.; Mukhopadhyay S.; Bhutia S.K.; Kaminsky W.; Sinn E.
2018Probing the structure-function relationship of Mycobacterium leprae HSP18 under different UV radiationsChakraborty A.; Nandi S.K.; Panda A.K.; Mahapatra P.P.; Giri S.; Biswas A.
2015Role of subunit exchange and electrostatic interactions on the chaperone activity of Mycobacterium leprae HSP18Nandi S.K.; Panda A.K.; Chakraborty A.; Ray S.S.; Biswas A.
2013A S52P mutation in the '?-crystallin domain' of Mycobacterium leprae HSP18 reduces its oligomeric size and chaperone functionNandi S.K.; Rehna E.A.A.; Panda A.K.; Shiburaj S.; Dharmalingam K.; Biswas A.