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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Adaptive deloading of stand-alone wind farm for primary frequency controlPradhan C.; Bhende C.N.
2018Adaptive virtual inertia-based frequency regulation in wind power systemsPradhan C.; Bhende C.N.; Samanta A.K.
2015Analysis of load damping co-efficient on system frequency response in wind farm integrated power systemPradhan C.; Bhende C.N.
2018AOMH-MISO Based PV-VCI Irrigation System Using ASCIM PumpTomar A.; Mishra S.; Bhende C.N.
2017Development of more accurate islanding detection algorithm for unbalanced and nonlinear loadMishra P.P.; Bhende C.N.
2014Enhanced operation of stand-alone "photovoltaic-Diesel Generator-Battery" systemMalla S.G.; Bhende C.N.
2016Enhancement in Primary Frequency Regulation of Wind Generator using Fuzzy-based ControlPradhan C.; Bhende C.N.
2019Frequency sensitivity analysis of dynamic demand response in wind farm integrated power systemPradhan C.; Bhende C.N.; Srivastava A.K.
2017Frequency Sensitivity Analysis of Load Damping Coefficient in Wind Farm-Integrated Power SystemPradhan C.; Bhende C.N.
2015Hybrid Methods for Fast Detection and Characterization of Power Quality DisturbancesUpadhyaya S.; Mohanty S.; Bhende C.N.
2016Improving the performance of PV based water pumping system for fluctuations in irradianceTomar A.; Mishra S.; Bhende C.N.
2019Islanding Detection based on Variational Mode Decomposition for Inverter based Distributed Generation SystemsMishra P.P.; Bhende C.N.
2019Islanding detection scheme for distributed generation systems using modified reactive power control strategyMishra P.P.; Bhende C.N.
2018Islanding detection using sparse S-transform in distributed generation systemsMishra P.P.; Bhende C.N.
2016Mitigation of Power Quality Problems in Grid-Interactive Distributed Generation SystemBhende C.N.; Kalam A.; Malla S.G.
2015Model reference adaptive controller based rotor resistance estimation for vector controlled induction motor drive using artificial intelligenceChacko S.; Bhende C.N.; Jain S.; Nema R.K.
2017Modelling a droop controlled multi PV inverter system to study effects of system parameters on oscillatory modesFirdaus A.; Mishra S.; Bhende C.N.
2017Modified MISO DC-DC converter based PV water pumping systemTomar A.; Mishra S.; Bhende C.N.
2012Novel control of photovoltaic based water pumping system without energy storageBhende C.N.; Malla S.G.
2015A novel on line rotor resistance estimation technique using EA tuned fuzzy controller for vector controlled induction motor driveChacko S.; Bhende C.N.; Jain S.; Nema R.K.